My Tenda Wireless Router Problem

I am using Tenda 54M wireless Broadband Router from a long time and never faced any problem with it. But recently I shifted to a new house and here my router is not working. I have restart router, change ethernet cables but still, there is no effect. Can anybody help me to troubleshoot Tenda router issue?

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The reason for your Tenda router to not able to work in your new home could be because of various reasons. I will discuss different troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue if your router is not a faulty one. Follow the instructions carefully:

1. Check All cables: Make sure all cable wires are functional and nothing is detached from its place or damaged in any way. This might look like a very basic step but most common mistakes occur due to negligence. So power cycle your whole system i.e switch off all your computer and router devices and wait for few minutes before switching them back on.

2. Check Internet connection: Sometimes the reason for your router to not work can also be attributed to a faulty internet connection. Since you mentioned you moved into the new house make sure the cable wire is working fine. Connect your router to your computer directly using an ethernet cable and wait for few seconds to let the connection get established. Now open your web browser and visit a website to check your internet connection. if you are able to access the internet then the problem is with the router, if you are not able to access the website call your Internet service provider.

3. Reset your router: Press the "Reset" button at the back of your router for 20-30 seconds to reset your router to factory settings. this will ensure any change in the settings causing the problem to vanish. Please note not to overdo this step as resetting your router for 5-7 times on a trot can cause permanent damages.

4. Activate DHCP: DHCP makes sure that your receives automatic IP address from time to time, if you have set your IP address as permanent then chances are your new home location might not support that. So connect your router to your computer and then open a web browser and type in your IP address in the URL field and hit Enter. This will take you to the router settings page. Click on "Advanced Settings" > "Internet Settings" > "DHCP" change it to automatic if you haven't already.

5. Update drivers and Firmware: Drivers are software code written over the hardware in routers to make them function to their potential. These drivers and firmware get corrupted or outdated from time-to-time and you need to update it. Go to your vendor's official website and search your router by model number. Go to its downloads section and download all available drivers and firmware latest version and then install them one by one and see if the issue is resolved.

These are some of the troubleshooting techniques to help you with Tenda router. Hopefully, these helped you to make your Tenda router run again. In case you have any difficulty in understanding these steps or have an issue with the steps, kindly revert back and I will be glad to help.

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