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Why TENDA Router is Not Connecting to a Speed Stream DSL Modem?

I want to set Tenda wireless router and ATT speed stream DSL Modem. When I connect it logically, there is no internet connection through the DSL modem. I have the DSL to the modem, Ethernet to the router. But when I plug the desktop into the Tenda router, the modem no longer gets internet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Fix TENDA Router is Not Connecting Issue:

First of all, get to connect all multiple devices as together to the Tenda router and follow these instructions as:-

Here we recommend you connect your device to Tenda router device by a wired connection.

Step 1: With the help of using an Ethernet cable and then ready to connect your computer with one of the yellow LAN ports of the Tenda device.

Step 2: And ensures that the light corresponding to the LAN port where the Ethernet cable is connected to is lit. If it is lit, you may proceed with the next procedure. Otherwise, try to connect your computer to another yellow LAN port or change another Ethernet cable.

Now ready to Log into the Tenda Router web-based setup page as mentioned-below:-
  1. Find out the login IP address on the label located on the back of the Tenda device, and then enter it in the address bar of a web browser.
  2. Enter the login username and password if prompted, generally admin both for username and password. I
  3. f you changed the login IP address or password, you should login with the new IP address and password.
After while to do so, now Check the connection status in Tenda router setup page as given:-

Step 1: Give a one click on Advanced Settings/Advanced headings as directly after logging into the setup page.

Step 2: Select System Status/Status/Device Info from the main menu.

Note: You may find System Status in the sub menu of Advanced headings.

Step 3: Locate Network Status/WAN Status/WAN, and you will find the Connection Status/Status there.

Normally, we have 3 connection status: Disconnected/Connecting/Connected. When it says to make it disconnected and proceed to the step as discussed above. Then it’s connecting and later on it’s connected.

Customers need to verify all hardware connection of a tenda router as here:

Firstly get to connect as simply plug into the Internet cable, which may come from your modem, securely into the blue WAN port. You should hear a click.

In rare cases the Internet cable could be faulty and cause network connectivity issue. Try using any other Ethernet cable in place of the faulty one comes from your modem or contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for help.

Make a hard Reset your Tenda Router device into it’s factory default settings as:
  1. In the Tenda router setup page, simply select System Tools/Management/Tools from the main menu, and choose to Restore into it’s Factory Default/Restore to Default/Restore Default. You can make a hard reset of your Tenda device to factory default there.
  2. Find a Reset or simply it has RST button/hole on the side of the Tenda device and hold down it for about 10 seconds. During which time, you will find that all the indicators turn on or off and several of them will back off or on later.
  3. All of the customized settings of the Tenda device will be erased after resetting. You can search the corresponding article from our website to set up your Tenda device again.
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