Why My iTouch is Not Connecting to TENDA Router

I recently bought a Tenda 54M wireless Broadband Router so that I could use my iTouch in my house. I got it installed and working for awhile then my internet on the iTouch was having trouble. So I reset the Tenda router and it worked again. But every little bit I have to keep resetting it to stay online on the iTouch. I did use the CD that came with it and followed the directions closely. But even after doing that a few times I couldn't avoid the random disappearance of my internet. I noticed when I logged onto my computer this morning, I had no internet connectivity. So I had to reset the router to get it back. I've been thinking that this is a problem between my router or something else. Does anyone have any ideas? I really don't know how to fix this issue. Thanks!

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iTouch is Not Connecting to TENDA Router:

The problem which you have mentioned with your Tenda Router might be because of a number of reasons. We will discuss different ways to Fix Tenda Router Trouble and its connectivity issues.

Follow the Steps Below to Resolve the not Working of Tenda Router.

Reset Tenda Router: The most common way to resolve working of a router is to Reset it. Press the Reset button at the back of your Tenda router and wait for few minutes before switching it on.

Change The Wireless channel: Your router works on a bandwidth of 2.4GHZ which is also the bandwidth of many home appliances which lead to the interference in channel’s signal. The best way to resolve this issue is to change your bandwidth channel to 5.1 GHz.

Provide Fix IP Address: Manually Reset Tenda Router IP address, for example, if the IP address of your device is then you can set a static IP address ranging from to and set the subnet mask to This will fix Tenda Router Trouble.

Change The Security Settings of your wifi: Go to the Tenda Router default home page and change the wireless security of your router to WPA or WPA2. The security makes sure that your Tenda Router provides or broadcasts signal only to your devices.

The above-mentioned steps should be helpful to resolve working issue of your Tenda Router.

Kindly revert back if your problem is not resolved.

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