Discussion rule

By registering to Router Technical Support forum you agree to the rules and regulation set by the company and need to comply by it at all times, any deferment from the mentioned rules will lead to permanent blocking from the website. These rules are:

  • You cannot post indecent comments and irrelevant answers, breaking which will lead to blocking from the website.
  • Do not use the platform to swear or use any such behavior which might offend other participants.
  • Do not spam or flood the forum with irrelevant answers to the query. Be sure and write detailed answers only.
  • Do not use the platform to promote anything or any product. This forum is specifically meant for router issues and answers to printer related queries.
  • Keep your comments and answers to the point and do not paste the same comment over and over again.
  • Do not submit or post anything which is unlawful, harassing, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or racially offensive.

Points & Rewards

Points and reward system on the website is to keep the audience engaged and determined towards maintaining the quality of the forum. It is to encourage people to ask and answer the questions with detail in focus. The point system and how it works has been explained in the following section in detail.

Joining the Printer Forum- (100 points)

The one-time joining bonus for the Printer technical support forum is 100 points. This is valid for any fresh registration from a new and unique email id. The person who has already joined this forum will not be rewarded if he/she deletes their respective accounts.

Logging in to your forum account (1 point)

Logging in on a daily basis will fetch the user 1 reward point and it is limited to one login per day. If you log in multiple times into your account in a single day, only one point will be awarded for the first login of the day.

Asking a question- (-5 points)

Asking a question or posting your query related to the topic of concern will fetch the user -5 points. The question asked must be relevant to the topic of discussion and genuine in nature. If the asked question violates any terms and condition set by the company for the users then it will be discarded and the user posting the question will be warned and blocked later if he/she does not comply by the rules. The total number of questions to be asked is limited to 5 per day.

Answering a question- (2 points)

Answering a particular question on the forum will fetch the user a total of 2 points. The answer must be strictly in accordance with the question asked. If the answer posted by the user violates any terms and condition set by the company for the users then it will be discarded without any prior notice and the user will be warned and subsequently banned if he/she does not comply by the rules.

Rating an answer(thumbs up)- (1 point)

If an answer to your question feels suitable and best among the set of answers then the user can rate that answer to be the finest and He/She will be rewarded one point for rating the answer

Choosing the Best Answer- (3 points)

If there are multiple answers to a question and you select one of them as the best or most appropriate then you will be rewarded with 3 points. Please note that you can only rate an answer to be best if you are the one asking the question. Anything apart from that is not liable for any rewards.

Best Answer- (10 points)

If a particular answer by the user is rated to be the best among the set of answers provided then the user who answered that particular question will be awarded a total of 5 points.


These points are for encouragement purpose only and the company does not promise to give any gift or benefit according to the points earned. The point system is subjected to change and the authority and rights for discarding solely reside with the company. No individual or group has any claim to any kind of prize unless specified by the company.

S.No Action Points
1 Begin participating on Router Answers One Time : 100
2 Ask a Question -5
3 Choose a Best Answer for your question 3
4 Answer a Question 2
5 Log in to Router Forum/td> Once daily : 1
6 Have your answer selected as the Best Answer 10
7 Receive a "Thumbs-up" rating on a Best Answer that you wrote (up to 50 "Thumbs-ups" are counted) 1 per "Thumbs-up"

Points and Levels of the Forum

The point and levels on the forum are solely based for encouragement and knowledge purposes and do not signify anything else. The forum has different levels which can be reached by earning points which in turn can be earned by answering questions and posting queries or questions. The levels according to the points earned are listed below and only signifies your participation and activity level on the forum:

Level Points Questions Answers
7 25,000 + 20 160
6 10,000 - 24,999 20 160
5 10,000 - 24,999 20 160
4 2500 - 4999 20 160
3 1000 - 2499 15 120
2 250 - 999 10 80
1 1 - 249 5 20


In order to enjoy all the functionality of this website one needs to register first. It is not a compulsion though and you can still read the queries and answers. In order to post questions or answers on the website and take advantage of other facilities available, one must register first.


The website and the owner have all the authority of the information posted on the router technical support forum website. Every comment and answer posted here will be pre-moderated before making it online. The comments and answers posted here may take up to 24 hrs before making online or public for scanning purpose. Each answer and comment are checked for spam, profanity and any other potential violation of the terms set for the users.

Links to other websites

The website is not responsible for any links provided on the forum and does not promote or cannot be held responsible for the content of the links mentioned in any way. The links posted here are the sole responsibility of the user itself and this forum under no circumstances can be held responsible.


The website does not promote any kind of infringement and violation of copyrights by the users and cannot be held in charge of the same. The website also discourages the use of any such copyrighted logo or company name in the user answers. If anyone still uses any logo or trademark, the company Router Technical Support forum cannot be held responsible for the same.


The forum has been created keeping in mind the difficulties of router users and we recommend the users to strictly stick to the purpose. If anyone violates any of the above terms and condition set for the users, they will be banned and reported. So make sure to make the internet a safe and better place to co-exist and do not misuse the authority provided to you at any point.

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