How to Set up a Zyxel Router?

Simple Steps for How to Connect Hardware Devices Before Making a Set up a ZyXel Router as:

  1. Using Cat5 Ethernet cable and then connected with a WAN port of a ZyXel router. Then it requires to connect the other end of a network cable with LAN or network port on a DSL modem and then connected to an AC adaptor to the ZyXel router. Now plug both the ends into the electrical wall outlet.
  2. Now connect a RJ-45 cables with any of these wired computers which to wish to use with a router. Then you need to plug the RJ-45 cables on the rear of a router.
  3. Now power on your ZyXel router a well as broadband modem. Wait a while for a minute to initializing the modem as well as establishing an internet connection.

Learn How to Configure ZyXel Router:

  1. Firstly connect your computer to the router along with RJ-45 cables. Open your favourite web browser and type router's IP address in the address bar as and then hit the enter button. Then it asks the prompted administrator password type 1234 and then go to login it.
  2. Under the heading of Go to wizard setup link. And this allows the preferred language on the screen. Then go to next as system information screen.
  3. Enter a different router SSID channel name field and then go to next. This allows to appear one small dialog box and indicates the pre-shared key value. To establish an internet connection with wireless PCs along with ZyXel router mention that value and then press alt+ F4 to make close this dialog box.
  4. In the given list choose the type of broadband connection. If utility fails to detect as automatic then go to next step. If you're using PPP over an Ethernet then their broadband connections are one or as the other one. Then this requires to type username and passwords as promptly in the corresponding fields.
  5. If your router service provider will able to assign a new IP address then this needs to choose an option of a Get automatically from ISP. Either you have static or as a permanent IP address then this needs to choose the option as a use fixed IP address and then type that IP address and then go to next step.
  6. Click to select the option of factory default settings under the WAN MAC address and then go to next.

Now select the apply button and then finished the whole setup process.Then wait a while for getting to reboot your router so that you can apply any configuration changes into the ZyXel router. If required any technical assistance then get in touch with our router expert team avails all the time.