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Why network speed is dropping down in zyxel router?

We've been having a Zyxel NBG416Nv2 N150 Wireless N Broadband Router
and there are times where the Wi-Fi speed from the usual 55/mbps drops to about 1 or less, especially around midnight. I've tried to change the Wi-Fi Channel and update the firmware, but it hasn't helped. The area is fairly congested and the router needs to provide Wi-Fi to a household with 8 people. The devices that use the internet the most don't support AC, but as old computers are gradually replaced that will change in the future. Please give me suggestions to fix this issue.
Thanks in advance.



Your Zyxel network speed could be low because of different reasons, follow the steps below to troubleshoot your problem.

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1. Check your internet connection:
First of all, you have to see if the internet speed is good from your ISP. Connect the ethernet cable(yellow color) from your modem to your computer and check if the speed is coming right. In case the speed is not up-to the mark contact your ISP contractor.
2. Update your firmware:
Make sure you are using the latest version of the firmware for your modem and router. This is very important as the service provider sends fixes for software glitches and other problems through the firmware. So make sure to update it.
3. Keep your Wifi setup in the right place:
You should always keep your wifi setup at a place where it is fully accessible by all of your devices in the house or office. When the signal strength is full, your devices will work to its fullest speed.


4. Switch WiFi channels:
Make sure your router is using a WiFi channel which is least crowded. You can use an application to find out which channel is least crowded or you can set it up to “automatic” so that the WiFi signal doesn’t experience any hindrance.


5. Use more Universally-Compatible Settings:
If you are worried about some of your devices not being compatible with the network settings change it to the universal settings. All WiFi today use a 2.4ghz frequency. So make sure your devices are compatible with this configuration.wifi-settings

6. Find out what is taking up your bandwidth:
If your WiFi speed drops periodically then some other devices or software are using up your bandwidth find them and remove them.


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