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How to Change ZYXEL Router Settings to Fix Slow Internet Connection?

I recently purchased a Zyxel Wireless ADSL Router P660HW. As I am facing slow loading issue so I change the IPS firewall settings. After making changes, I am still facing same issues. In fact, Youtube and various websites are not loading properly. I even hit the reset button on the back of the router but nothing worked. Please provide necessary guidance which that this problem can eliminate.

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Make Zyxel Router Faster:

There can be a number of reasons for your Zyxel router to be underperforming or not giving you the desired speed or a slow internet connection. Here, we will discuss different troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. Follow the instructions carefully:

1. Check for Any Faulty Wired Connection:

At times it has been noticed that the internet speed is affected due to a damaged wire or a loose connection. So make sure to double-check the ethernet cable connecting your ZYXEL router and modem. Make sure your router setup is getting constant power supply.

2. Change your Bandwidth Channel:

The router devices in the home network generally operate at a bandwidth of 2.4GHz, which also the same frequency for most of your home appliances like your microwave, cordless phone. TV remote etc.

These devices cause interference in the signal. So it is recommended to change the channel to a frequency of 5.0 GHz which is less crowded.

3. Update ZYXEL Firmware:

Firmware updates contain encoded messages for your ZYXEL router to function properly, it also contains fixes for previous malware snags. So make sure to update your ZYXEL router to the latest available firmware from your vendor's website.

4. Protect your WiFi with a Password:

It is important to protect your network with a strong password to avoid misuse since an open wifi connection can be exploited by many resulting in slow internet speed.

Open your web browser and type your IP address in the URL field, this will redirect you to your router's web-page. On the page go to wireless settings and choose wireless security.

Change the security type to WPA 2 and enter a strong password in the given field below. Save the settings and reboot your ZYXEL router to apply the changes.

Hopefully, the above-given troubleshooting techniques helped you in getting to a solution. In case you have any difficulty in understanding any part, feel free to revert back with your query.


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