Zyxel wireless router is not working?

I have a ZyXEL wireless router, it was working fine up until about a year ago when the wireless function decided to stop working so now we have to connect wires from the box to our computers and laptops. The internet still works fine, it's not our computers/laptops that are causing the problem, it's the actual wireless thingy that's decided to stop working! I don't know how to get it running again and it's really annoying because I can't take my laptop anywhere! My laptop connects and runs smoothly on any other wireless just not ours. Help?! Thanks!


Zyxel routers are usually used across the globe. Thus, especially in other countries, as in Canada, Australia, UK and US. If your Zyxel wireless router is not working there could be a many reasons at which an internet is too slow, the users need to ask with an Internet Service Provider or it may be a problem in Zyxel router. Let us try these instructions as mentioned below where a user feel irked free to fix it.

Step-1 First restart your Zyxel wireless router and wait for 2-3 minutes to get reboot your PC device that would able to hook up the Zyxel wireless system.

Step-2 Open a Zyxel setup router page settings with the help of using default gateway type cmd and then into a cmd, enter ipconfig and then users will now able to indicate a default gateway IP.WIRELESS ROUTER WORKING

Step-3 Try to change the channel and its settings, in fact, this will also want to change the Zyxel router password along with SSID.WIRELESS ROUTER WORKING

Step-4 Now save all your settings and get to reboot a wireless router device. You can now able to connect a Zyxel router device and other computer system devices.ZYXEL WIRELESS ROUTER

Step-5 If nothing works then makes a reset to your Zyxel router and setup it again in a new mannered. If issues still persist then reset your Zyxel router device.

Zyxel wireless router is not working?

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