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Why ZYXEL Router's Upload Speed Dies After Resetting?

I have a Zyxel 2606 router. I connect Cisco 160N this router. After few days, I reset Zyxel router. Th problem is after resetting, the upload speed completely dies and download speed remains at 12mbps. But when I take out the Cisco, upload speed becomes fine. However, I need the CIsco as I need the extra wireless range. Can anybody have any suggestions for this issue?

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Zyxel Router Reset : Zyxel Router Firmware Update

The issue of your Zyxel router upload speed dying after reset could occur due to a number of reasons, we will discuss different troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue:

1. Reboot Zyxel Router: Rebooting your router might seem a very basic step but very effective in resolving the small nags and glitches. So reboot your router and wait for few minutes before powering it on, once you switch it on making sure to let it stabilize for few minutes and then try uploading something to see whether the issue is resolved.

2. Update Zyxel Firmware: Firmware updates contain encoded messages for your router to function properly, it also resolves the issues which the user might be facing from the previous versions. So it is recommended to update your firmware to the latest available version from your vendor's website.

3. Change bandwidth channel: Your home network routers generally operates at a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz which is also the bandwidth of most of your home appliances like your cordless phone, microwave, TV remote etc.

These home appliances may cause disturbance and interfere with the broadcasting signal of your router. So change your bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz for better router signal strength.

4. Change the location of your router: Changing the location of your router can make a lot of difference as well. Try placing your Zyxel router at a place far from metal rods and beams as they might cause hindrance in the signal as well. Try to put your place your router at a central location in your house.

5. Contact ISP: If the issue is not resolved even after following the above-mentioned steps, kindly contact your Internet Service Provider with your query as it has been noticed in the past that certain repair works or some other issue from ISP side could be causing the issue.

Hopefully, the above-given steps helped you in getting to a solution. If you have any difficulty understanding the points or any other query, kindly revert back and I will be happy to reply.

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