Where is the WPS Button on My Netgear Router

Hello, Please let me know that where is the WPS button on my Netgear router? When i am trying to find my Netgear WPS button then i din't get that button. Give me any solution to find and connected to internet.

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WPS Button on My Netgear Router

For the most innovative and advanced features Netgear routers are known and there is an enormous engagement of products by the Netgear networking is available in the market for the business to home purposes. First time users of Netgear might face some of the issues while using the router but do not worry its very easy to use it. 

And if you are looking for the answer for where WPS Button on My Netgear Router works, it is easy to find it because it is available next to the Wifi LED which is sometimes unable to be visible because just like WiFi LED it is combined LED/Switch.

Why We need a WPS Button?

The first one you have to understand is that, what is the meaning of WPS. The WPS does not have only in Netgear Routers but on all routers. WPS is an acronym for something important and useful. The full form of WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. That means it’s a simple explanation of the other stuff that is required to understand this concept.

Simply, your Wi-Fi is super secured and in public places, WPS takes care of the security of your Internet connection and doesn’t let any attacker attack you on your router.

Simply, the WPS button helps you to make the Wi-Fi network available without a password for a little time. So, that means anybody that comes into your range does have access to Wi-Fi that you have. Basically, the button is provided so that we can use it rarely or in some situations.

Using WPS Button on my Netgear Router | Connecting to WPS

This button is found on any other router. So, this whole procedure will be helpful if you have a router of some other company or you have a Netgear Router.

This Procedure will Apply to All Router Models and Netgear Router too and Teach You How to Connect to WPS on Netgear Router:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to do some basic things. You need to check if your router is switched on. To check if the router is on is simply check the lights of the router.

Step 2: If the lights are not on then the router is switched on and you need to plug the router to an electrical supply and switch it on.

Step 3: After that, you have to find out where is the WPS button on your router.

Step 4: The WPS button is found at the back of any router and it’s the same with Netgear Router.

Step 5: Then you need to take your mobile or computer and connect to the WPS network. You can get the proper instructions of How to connect to WPS on the back of your router.

This is how you connect to WPS and we found out where is the WPS button on my Netgear Router.

Find WPS Button on Netgear Router

All the using router has a little bit of knowledge of resolving the problem in a very easy manner. An endeavor regarding the WPS button on Netgear router. It is very truest that many internet users do not feel the need to know how actually the router works. But some of the different buttons means more often than it is not working. Most of the people only care when they face the problem. 

Though people fed up calling the helpline number for internet providers and to deal with this kind of question may be quite meaningless. At least many cases of the situation indicate user solved problem themselves, they all are having to just a little bit knowledge about the router.

This Connection is the Better Way to WPS by using the WPS Button on Netgear Router:

As we do believe in empowering, people by providing them some basic technical knowledge. Certainly using any of this technology as we have discussed should be able to follow our tutorials without encountering any major issue. This may be in the case with the WPS button on the Netgear router.

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