How to Setup Netgear n600 Wifi Range Extender

I have an Netgear n600 Router which i bought few months back. it was working fine and now I want to know how to Setup Netgear n600 Wifi Range Extender of my router! if anybody can provide me with the suitable answer, i shall be highly appreciable!

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To set up a Netgear N600 WiFi Range Extender, you require a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless router and a compatible browser like Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 2.0, Safari 5.1, and Google Chrome 25.0.

You can easily set up the range extender by following four simple steps: installing the installation by connecting the device, logging into the extender, and running the smart setup.

Netgear N600 WiFi Range Extender delivers a combined Wi-Fi connection with speeds up to 600Mbps. It works as a bridge between a wireless router and a Wi-Fi device outside the range of your router.

The Requirement for Setup Netgear N600 WiFi Range Extender

  • 2.4 GHz or 5Ghz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless router or any type of gateway.
  • It is compatible with browser which are:
  • Internet explorer 8.0 or higher version consequently
  • Firefox 2.0 or higher consequently 
  • Safari 5.1 or higher version consequently
  • Google chrome 25.0 or higher version

When to Use Extender:

We recommended using Netgear n600 Wifi Range Extender only when the Wi-Fi device is in a dead zone where the connection from the existing network is dead or very poor. Data traffic router through the extender is a little bit slower than the traffic routed directly from the network. 

Working of Extender:

  • This range extender works like a bridge between a wireless router and Wi-Fi device outside the range of your wireless router. The extender performs couple of jobs normally.
  • firstly, Extenders connects to a working wireless network

Connect Existing Network by Extender:

  • When the extender connects an existing network over Wi-Fi, it functions as a network client which is quite similar to how a wireless device connects with the network
  • The Netgear n600 wifi extender acts as an access point for the Wi-Fi devices subsequently

Broadcasting Signals:

Netgear n600 extender broadcasts its own signals over a wireless network by which Wi-Fi devices can join . In its role as access point, extender performs tasks the wireless router does, such as broadcasting of the network.

Setup Netgear N600 Wifi:

You can setup Netgear n600 extender in four steps which are:

  • Install the Wi-Fi extender
  • Connect device with extender network
  • Login to the extender after installation
  • Run the smart setup installation

Install the Netgear N600 wifi Range Extender During Setup Netgear N600 Wifi

  • place the extender and supply power
  • place your extender in the same place where your router is placed
  • Now plug your extender into electrical outlet
  • Now wait for extender light turn into solid blue, if the power LED light does not light, you need to press the WPS button on the extender for another five seconds to turn into solid blue

Connect with Existing Network During Setup Netgear N600 Wifi

  • To extend the range of your wireless network you need to connect extender with your existing network subsequently.
  • therefore you can connect extender by two ways
  • Either You can connect extender with the WPS or you can connect with the help of browser setup

Connect with WPS for Setup Netgear N600 Wifi

WPS lets you to connect with the wireless network without typing the network name and password. For the help with the WPS button on your WPS enabled devices, you need to check the instructions for online help.

Press the WPS Button:

  • firstly, Press the WPS button on the extender and the WPS LED blink
  • Within two minutes, you need to press WPS button on your access point
  • When the extender connect with existing wireless network, this light turn into solid blue.
  • If your router supports 2.4 GHz band 5 GHz band and you want the extender to connect with the both routers, repeat step 1 and step 2

Move the Extender to Identify Suitable Location:

  • now unplug the extenders and move to a new location
  • use the router link LED to help you choose the right spot where extender to router connection is optimal
  • if the router led is not turning blue, plug the extender into outlet closer to the router and try again

Accessing Device Moment for Checking Signal Quality:

  • Take your accessing device to the location with poor signal quality
  • Now you need to connect Wi-Fi enabled computer with the extended network 

Connect with Netgear Installation Assistant for Netgear N600 Extender Setup:

  • On your Wi-Fi enabled computer, firstly open Wi_fi connection manager and locate your extender
  • Further more open web browser

Enter Extender Address in the Address Bar

  • Soon enter
  • Later follow on-screen prompt to connect your extender with existing network

Unplug the Extender

  • In the meantime unplug the extender and connect with existing network
  • Furthermore use the router link LED to choose the spot
  • Finally reconnect the computer with mobile devices

Login the Extender After Installation in Netgear N600 Extender Setup:

  • After complete installation therefore you can login the extender to view and change the extender settings
  • Furthermore Launch the web browser 

Login to the Extender:

  • Soon login to your extender
  • If you did not enable the wireless network name features than please enter in the address field of the browser.
  • For instance if you have enabled one Wi-Fi feature, you need to enter one of the URL which are http://mywifiext for window based computer and http://mywifiext.local for the MAC computer and android devices.

Run Smart Setup Installation:

  • firstly open the web browser
  • Login the extender when you will get the login screen
  • You need to enter admin as username and admin is password also and thereafter click on the login button and you will see the status page
  • Thereafter click on the smart setup button
  • Then follow on-screen prompt to go ahead
This is the detailed document on Setup Netgear n600 Wifi.
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