Can't Login to NETGEAR Router WNR2000V3?

I reset it and reinstalled it using cd but can't login to using username admin and password password. I tried different combination like or password 1234 but nothing worked. I called Netgear Customer Service and they said I need to pay $18 to get help. Can somebody help me?

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If you are unable to login into Netgear router, then have a look at these steps, may be it proves helpful for you -

  1. First of all, you need to check login information i.e., username and password that is written on your Netgear router.
  2. After this, open your favourite internet browser and type “” in the address bar. To access Netgear router web interface, you can also type “” in the address bar. To establish a direct connection between your system and Netgear router, you can use the ethernet cable.Netgear Router Technical Support
  3. Now, you are redirected to Netgear router web page where you need to enter login information (default login credentials).
  4. If the default login credentials are not working then it might be possible their values have been changed. After entering login values, hit Login and enter into Netgear router configuration page.
What to do, if default login credentials are not working -
  1. Reset Netgear router – Power on Netgear router and search the “Restore Factory Settings” button. Now, take a pen or paperclip and press the “Restore Factory Settings” button. Now the power light starts to blink, gently release the button. Now your Netgear router will restart and the power light will turn into solid green.
  2. Change ethernet cable – Various times, a faulty ethernet cable prevent user to access Netgear router. In such situation, just replace your ethernet cable with a new one then try to login to Netgear router configuration page.Netgear Router Help
  3. Change your PC’s IP address – If still, you are unable to access Netgear router then change your PC’s IP address. By modifying IP address, I hope you can access Netgear router login page.Netgear Router Configuration
  4. Disable firewalls – Netgear router uses Javascript web interfaces and firewalls. So, disable your firewall and then try to access Netgear router configuration page.Reset Netgear Router Password

After trying these steps, I hope you will definitely able to login to Netgear router.

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Try these steps -

  1. Make sure you are connected to Netgear network. Using wireless if that is not working then hard wire from the router to the computer.
  2. If Router login is not working the check the IP address of your router. Open command prompt and type IPCONFIG and check the default gateway IP. Use that to login into your router.
  3. Still not working try power cycling your router or simply press the restart pin-hole button for 30 seconds then release it. Now simply re-setup the router using same login website or check the IP method and try that.

Good luck

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Can't Login to NETGEAR Router WNR2000V3?

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