How to Port Forward a Netgear Router?

Please let me know that how to port forward a Netgear router. I am facing some issue while doing this. Help me.

Port Forward a Netgear Router:

Do you want to know how to forward a port on your Netgear router? If yes, then you have come to the right place as here you will get to know how to set up port forwarding for a Netgear router.

In case your network has a server, then you can enable a particular type of traffic to reach the server. There is a chance that you want the game server, FTP server, and local web server visible.

You can specify DMZ servers and servers for apps to which your router is going to forward the protocols.

Steps to Forwarding Port on Netgear Router Specific Protocols-

Below are the steps that you need to carry out in order to forward specific protocols.

Step 1: Decide the game, app, and type of service you wish to provide.

Step 2: Start searching for the local IP address of your PC on the network that will provide you with the service. The computer server needs to have the same IP address.

Step 3: Give a reserved IP address to the server PC.

Step 4: Open your internet browser from your smartphone or PC, which is connected to the network of your router.

Step 5: Enter in the address bar of the router. After this, a login window will open up.

Step 6: Enter the username and password of your router. Enter admin in the username section and password in the password section. Both the name as well as the password are case-sensitive. Now, the Basic Home page opens up.

Step 7: Click on Advanced and then go to Advanced setup. After that, go to Port triggering or Port forwarding.

Step 8: Select the Radio Button of port forwarding and then let it remain selected.

Step 9: Go to the menu of Service Name and then select service name. In case the service that you wish to add is not in the list, then you must form a custom service.

How to Port Forward a Netgear Router

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