How do I Fix My NETGEAR Router Settings

I am using Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi router from a long time and never had any problem with it. But recently I shifted to a new house and here I am experiencing connectivity issues with my Netgear router. I don't understand is there something wrong with Netgear router settings. Please help me to fix Netgear router settings so that I can enjoy the hassle-free internet. Thanks in Advance!

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Netgear Router Reset:

Whenever you experience connectivity issues with Netgear router then perform these basic procedures. Just note one thing i.e., each procedure is different and will help you to fix the connectivity issues.

1.Check Physical Connection - First of all, check the physical connection if the ethernet cable is securely and tightly connected to Netgear router and your system.

2.Power Cycle Network –

To perform a power cycle, firstly shut down all networking devices and restart all of them after few minutes. After turning on DSL modem, wait for a few moments so that it can boot and establish an internet connection.

Now, turn on your Netgear router and wait for a couple of minutes so that it can connect with DSL modem. When the connection gets established, you will see Netgear router’s internet light will turn into solid green.

3.Upgrade Netgear Router Firmware Manually -

For upgrading Netgear router’s firmware -

  • Navigate to “Netgear Download Center” website and download the Netgear router’s firmware. You can save the downloaded file to the desktop. While downloading Netgear router’s firmware,
  • just note one thing i.e., you should use the wired connection instead of wireless connection because a wireless connection can corrupt the Netgear router’s firmware.
  • In next step, type “” in the address bar and enter login values i.e., username and password.
  • After entering login values hit Login button and after this, a webpage will display on the screen where you have to tap into Advanced> Administration.
  • Now, press a click on Firmware Update button and save the file on your desktop. After this, click on Open>Upload.
  • Once the firmware is uploaded, Netgear router will reboot.

  • If your Netgear router does not reboot automatically then go to Router Status page and check new firmware version is uploaded or not.

4.Restore Netgear Router to default settings -

See these instructions to restore Netgear router to default settings -

  • Press the Reset button for 10 seconds by using a sharp object that is located on the backside of Netgear router.

  • After 10 seconds, release the Reset button and wait for a couple of minutes so that Netgear router can reboot.
  • When Netgear router’s power light stops blinking and turns into solid green then you should understand that Netgear router’s factory reset has been completed.

I hope these procedures will definitely prove helpful for you. If you need further support then contact Netgear Router team that is available for round the clock to resolve all technical problems.

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Fix My NETGEAR Router Settings:

Fixing your Netgear router or configuration of your Netgear router can enable to use your router with your current internet service provider. Additionally, it can assist you in solving problems associated with network connectivity.

Generally, you don’t need to configure your Netgear router unless you are using a DSL connection or cable. Here we are available with 3 different solutions using which you can fix my Netgear router settings.

Solution 1: Cable Internet with Genie Interface

Step 1: Turn off your Netgear router and modem to fix my Netgear router settings.

Step 2: Use an ethernet wire for connecting your modem to the internet port of your router.

Step 3: Take another ethernet wire and link it to your computer’s LAN port.

Step 4: Switch on your modem and then wait for the lights to get solid.

Step 5: Turn on your Netgear router and wait for the lights to turn green to fix my Netgear router settings.

Step 6: Open your web browser on your computer system and then enter or in the location bar. After that, the router login dialog box will open up. Take a look at the label of your Netgear router

Step 7: Login to the interface and enter admin in the username section and password in the password section. These are the default credentials that you need for logging into Netgear router. The genie setup will show up on the screen.

If the smart wizard shows up rather than the Genie, then you can try setting up using Smart Wizard interface. This interface is available for the Netgear router’s old models.

Step 8: Click on the tab of Advanced and then go to setup wizard that is given in the bar on the left side.

Step 9: Choose yes if you want Netgear router to detect network connection and then click on next. The setup wizard is only going to take a few minutes in detecting the connection and then the congratulations page will show up.

Step 10: Select take me to the internet and then check if the network connection is working or not. Then, your Netgear router will get configured and you will be able to fix my Netgear router settings.

Solution 2 : DSL Internet with Genie Interface

Step 1: Connect the router with the telephone jack by making use of your DSL microfilter. It is a tiny box that connects both the telephone and the router.

Step 2: Use the telephone wire to connect DSL microfilter to the telephone.

Step 3: Connect the LAN port on your computer system to the Netgear router to fix my Netgear router settings.

Step 4: Connect your router to the unit of power supply. Then, turn on your router. The router is going to take one minute in the booting up process.

Step 5: Open your web browser on your PC. The Netgear setup wizard will open up on the screen. Enter www in the address bar. This will take you to the genie setup wizard page.

Step 6: Click on Yes, if you wish to configure your network and then click on next to fix my Netgear router settings.

Step 7: Choose a country by going to the drop down menu and then select next. Netgear is going to take a moment in detecting the internet. Once done, the router login page will open up.

Step 8: Type the password and username offered by the internet service provider, then select Next. Thus will enable you to access the network of your internet service provider. Contact your service provider directly if you need any support in obtaining the password and username of your network.

Step 9: Select take me to the internet to check that your internet is working. Your Netgear is going to be configured for use with your internet service provider. This will fix my Netgear router settings.

Netgear Router Troubleshoot and Configuration:

Step 1: Download the latest firmware of the Netgear router and go to In case the configuration does not work. There are certain cases where the outdated firmware can stop you from establishing an internet connection.

Step 2: In case you are still having a problem in connecting to the internet.

Step 3: Try using more than one ethernet wire or telephone wires that are needed if you are facing problem in configuring your router or internet. Faulty hardware and cables can protect you from being able to set up a router effectively.

Step 4: Contact your internet service provider to get extra assistance in case you are still not able to configure your router by using the credentials provided by your internet service provider. Netgear dont have any access to the login credentials provided by your internet service provider and hence cannot help you in connecting to the internet

So,l these are the three different ways through which you can fix my Netgear router settings.

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