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How do i fix my netgear router settings?

Hello everyone! I need some help with Netgear router. I am using Netgear wpn824 v1 wireless router and Motorola Surfboard cable modem. Yesterday, I update the firmware but after the firmware update, my internet connection is dropping. I have reconfigured everything but still, my router is dropping the connection. Is there any way to fix Netgear router settings? Please help me!



Hello Ware, As per your query it seems like you have not setup Netgear router properly.
Let's have a look at these points to fix Netgear router settings -

1.First of all, you have to connect your modem to Netgear router’s internet port by using an ethernet cable. Now take another ethernet cable and connect your computer to Netgear router’s LAN ports.

2.Now turn modem, Netgear router and computer off. Turn on all devices after 2 minutes.

3.Next, open your web browser and type “” or “” in the address bar. Hit enter and you are directly prompted to Netgear router login wizard.

4.On Netgear router login page, just enter these credentials

Username - admin

Password – password

If these values are not working then you have to reset your Netgear router to factory defaults.

See how to reset Netgear router – Firstly locate the Reset button on Netgear router. Now take a paperclip and insert it into “Netgear Reset Button”. Press Reset button for 10 seconds and see if there is a light indication or not. When all power lights stop blinking you should understand that your Netgear router has been reset to defaults values.

5.After resetting Netgear router to factory defaults, go to Netgear Setup Wizard. Here choose Yes and press a click on Next button.

6. Now Netgear Setup Wizard will detect your connection type. If you are using cable internet connection then Netgear Setup Wizard will detect “Dynamic IP”.

7. Hit Next and save the current settings.

8. To check your connection status, go to Maintenance option and tap on Router Status.

Now check IP address, if IP Address is then repeat the overall procedure. If IP address is something like then everything is OK.

If you need additional help regarding Netgear router then feel free to contact Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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