Why My NETGEAR Router is Not Setting up via NETGEAR Genie Interface

I am using the Netgear Genie Interface to set up and successfully connected to Netgear EXT, but later, when the genie creates a name for a new extender WiFi network and I opt to use the same security settings. When I press click on "continue" nothing happens. I checked the networks and the "new" extended network does not yet exist. What should I do to install Netgear router?

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To configure Netgear router for internet connection with NETGEAR genie interface, you have to follow these stepwise instructions:-

  1. Firstly, connect the Netgear router’s DSL port to the phone line via the DSL Microfilter. Now take an Ethernet cable for connecting the computer to LAN ports. Now connect the NETGEAR router to power supply unit and wait about a minute for it to boot up.
  2. When the booting is finished, open an Internet browser. Now you will automatically redirect to NETGEAR genie set up the screen. If there is no Netgear Genie screen, then type this “” into the address bar.
  3.  After choosing Yes option, press Continue button. Choose your location and click Next.
    The Setup Wizard will detect the type of internet connection. Normally, DSL connections require a login to connect to the internet which is detected as PPPoE/PPPoA.
  4. Next type login details into the required position. These details are given by internet service providers. After logging into Netgear screen, press Next option.
  5. Now Netgear router will apply these settings. Verify your settings by clicking on “Take me to Internet”.
  6. If configuration fails, please contact your ISP and ask for correct login credentials. Now click on Try again and repeat the overall procedure.
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  •   August 4, 2022