Why I am Unable to Forward Ports on NETGEAR Router

I don't understand why port forwarding is not working on my Netgear router. I want to setup media server in my house, but unable to do so because I am unable to open ports on my Netgear router. I have also tried FTP but it does not work. Can anyone have a solution to this issue?

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Open Ports on Netgear Router:

To open ports on Netgear router, you need to follow these guidelines -

1.First of all, open your favourite browser and then type “” in the address bar. This IP address is the Netgear router’s default gateway address.

2.In next step, you have to login into Netgear router by using default credentials.

Default username - admin

Default password - password

Enter these details in the required fields and hit Login.

3.Now, you have entered into Netgear router web-based setup page. Next, go to Advanced and here you will see “Port Forwarding” option, just tap on it.

4.After this, hit a click on “Add custom service” and proceed to next step.

5.Choose a name for “Service Name”.

6.Here you will see two ports i.e., Start port and End port. Start port is that port where you would like at open and End port is that port where you would like to end.

7.In the Server IP address field, you have to enter that IP address where you would like to open ports on.

8.After applying all information, press a click on Apply button.

9. After saving these settings, go to “” and test your port. In case, if the ports like, 21,25, 80 are blocked then please contact your ISP and ask to unblock them.

10. If still, you are unable to see the ports then check your firewall settings and also check anti-virus software that is installed on your system.

For example -  If you are using a Webcam whose IP address is “” and it is currently running on port 8080. If you want to access this webcam outside the network then you have to make these changes -

1.Services Type – TCP/UDP

2.Starting port - 8080

3.Ending port - 8080

4.To IP address –

5. After making these changes, save the settings by clicking on Apply button.

To use your webcam, you have to use “”.

If you have any doubt or query while opening ports on Netgear router then ask for expert help by calling on Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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  •   August 11, 2022