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Why i am unable to forward ports on netgear router?

I am using Netgear AC1750 router. I want to forward ports on my router. But when I select Port Forwarding, I see "Error 404" on the screen. I have connected Netgear router to my PC via an Ethernet cable. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?



according to your query, the issue of not able to do port forwarding in your Netgear router could occur due to various reasons, both software and a hardware. I am going to discuss different troubleshooting to resolve this issue in your Netgear router. So follow the steps and techniques to help yourself with port forwarding in your Netgear router:
How to do Port Forwarding in Netgear router?
Step 1. Reset your router to factory settings. This will ensure that any changes made to your Netgear router causing the Error 404 will be resolved. So press the Reset button at the back of your Netgear router for 20-30 seconds. Make sure not to overdo this step as resetting your router too many times will lead to permanent damage.
Step 2. Now connect your Netgear router to your computer using an ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to your Netgear's LAN port while the other end goes into the ethernet port of your computer. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between two devices get established.
Step 3. Open your web browser and enter your IP address in the URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the Netgear's web interface and login page. Enter your SSID and Password provided by your ISP. In case you do not know the username and password, try "admin" in the SSID field and leave the password field blank and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the main setup page of your router.

Step 4. Once on the main setup page, go to Advanced settings and then click on the "Port Forwarding" button. Now click on the button of Add Custom settings and fill in the details that follow.

Step 5. in the field of "Protocol," select "TCP" or "UDP." If you are unsure, just select "TCP/UDP."
Under "External Starting and Ending port," if it's not a series, just type the same port number on both fields.
Under "Internal IP address," you can enter the IP address that will use the service.
Click on "Apply," and after doing so, the service should appear on the "Port Forwarding/Port Triggering".

Step 6. After the Port Forwarding is complete, reserve an IP address for the device on which the Port Forwarding is performed. Once the procedure is complete make sure to save the changed settings and close the window. you have successfully completed Port Forwarding on your Netgear router now.
Hopefully, the above-given set of techniques helped you with your query, in case you have any difficulty in understanding any part feel free to revert back and I will be happy to help.

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