How do I Use VPN on My ORBI WiFi System?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i use vpn on my Orbi wifi system. I want to use vpn on my Netgear Orbi router. Please help me.

Use VPN on My Orbi Wifi System:


A virtual private network (VPN) enables you to utilize the Internet to securely gain access to your network when you aren’t at your residence. VPN utilizes a Dynamic DNS account to establish connection with your router. You must set up Dynamic DNS before setting up the VPN feature.

To Set up the VPN Service on Your Orbi System by Utilizing an Android or iOS Device:

  • Open a web browser from a mobile device that is linked to your router’s network.
  • Type in
  • A login window pops up.
  • Type in the router username and password.
  • The user name is admin. Whereas, the default password is password. The user name and password are both case-sensitive.
  • The BASIC Home page shows up.
  • Choose Advanced > Advanced Setup> VPN Service.
  • The VPN page shows up.
  • Choose the Enable VPN Service check box and select APPLY.
  • Select the FOR SMART PHONE button to install the OpenVPN configuration files.
  • On your mobile device, install the OpenVPN Connect app from the Google Play store or Apple app store.
  • On your P.C., unlock the configuration files that you installed and send the files to your device.

Note: When you unlock the .ovpn file, a list of apps show up. Choose the OpenVPN Connect app to unzip the .ovpn file.

Alternative Method to Set up VPN on My Orbi Wifi System:-

Step 1 : OpenVPN on the device. ? Move to the web interface for your NETGEAR® Orbi at ? ...

Step 2 : Install the OpenVPN configurations.

Step 3 : (Optional but advisable): Enabling the Dynamic DNS service. ...

Step 4 : Placing a connection.

Step 5 : Setting the VPN connection for your device.

How do I Use VPN on My ORBI WiFi System

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