Why is My Roku Not Connecting

I need some help here, I recently bought a Roku Stick for my Sony LED TV and I use iiNet as my service provider. The wifi network speed is 100mb/s of streaming speed and 10 mb/s of downloading speed. When I connected my Roku to the TV after connecting it to wifi, the message said that it cannot connect to local network. I cannot understand what the issue and how can I fix it. Please help me.

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Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Issue:

The Roku digital video device helps a system that stream videos, music including other main things arise from the internet into a Television. In large businesses or industries, a Roku device has been used.

If you’re experiencing with a Roku not connecting to wifi via the internet connectivity, then follow these instructions as described below:

Method to Resolve Why My Roku is not Connecting to WiFi as:

Step 1: First of all, log in to the router device. Now type an IP address as then enter the IP address directly into a web address bar field.

If this won’t work then enter enter the IP address and then navigate the bar from a top of a browser. Hence it will take on your router’s login screen.

Step 2 : Once you logged into a router account. Then try to navigate its DNS settings. If a Roku device is unable to connect via the internet then it might be an external IP address that was being used by your DNS.

Thus, a router device is set as to an internal IP address. If issues still persist, then go to the next step.

Step 3 : Now replace an internal DNS address settings with a unique DNS address. If it is failed to work on Google public DNS settings then set to as DNS1 to and DNS2 to

Step 4 : Now save all the settings that you’ve been recently made.

Step 5 : Then run your program and setup a Roku device again in a prompt manner. If users are unable to stay access with an internet connection then unplug a router system device again.

Wait to unplug for at least 15-20 seconds. Then return to make it power as ON. If it doesn’t work then bounce your Roku streaming player device.

Leave it for unplugged at least 20-30 seconds. Again plug a power main source of a Roku digital device.

Step 6: If a Roku user is allowed to set as DNS properly, then you can now easily connect your Roku streaming player device to the internet. When it happens, then this may complete your process and find flawless performance at a high speed and people can now watch videos, songs and TV serials, and furthermore.

If the above steps will not fulfil your Roku technical needs, then try another method to diagnose Wi-Fi network connectivity issues.

Let us Try to Restart Roku Streaming Player and also its Remote

  • Firstly open a compartment of a battery and then take off a battery from the remote of a Roku system device.
  • Also, remove a power cable from a Roku system device. Thus, wait for a little while minutes and after 15-20 seconds try to reconnect a power cable back to the main source and with a Roku device.
  • Until and unless a Roku device appears to a home screen then add all its batteries and reinsert it in a professional way.
  • Wait for approx.30-35 seconds and check when a remote establishes a new connection along with your Roku device.

Thus we hope these above methods will help you in Connecting Roku to wifi and access a Roku system device via the internet network.

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Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Issue:

Hook up Roku by following these stepwise instructions -

  1. First of all, you have to plug HDMI cord into the TV. By doing this, you will hear an audio sound once your device is turned on.
  2. After this, you have to insert batteries into the remote. Open the back of Roku remote and then install two AAA batteries into it.
  3. Once batteries get inserted properly, plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.
  4. After this, you have to plug another end of power adapter into Roku. Just confirm that your TV is off when you connect Roku player.
  5. In the next step, turn on your TV. After plugging Roku, you will see these message i.e., Roku – Starting, please wait; Roku - Launching home screen; Welcome to Roku player.
  6. For connecting to WiFi, click on the network that you use for the wireless devices. Although Roku player will automatically detect your network, just enter the correct password for connecting to it.
  7. Wait for a few moments until Roku install its software. After installing software, Roku player will automatically reboot.
  8. Once Roku reboots after installing software, just enter the required information.
  9. Tap on Done. To sync your account with Roku device, you have to enter generated code at “”.

Now, Roku player is successfully connected to your TV.

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Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Issue:

Connecting your Roku device to your home network should work pretty smoothly and should be as simple as connecting any other phone to the network. Since you are facing issues with the network I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the Roku not connecting to wifi problem.

Follow them carefully:

1. Update Your Router Drivers / Firmware: If the other devices are working fine and the problem you are facing is with your Roku device, then try updating your router's drivers and firmware. These are free of cost and can be easily downloaded from your vendor's official website.

2. Reset Roku Device: The Roku device is configured to automatically detect your home network and connect to it, all you need to do as a user is to enter the password for your wifi. Since the issue seems to be with the Roku device, try resetting your Roku device and see if the issue is resolved.

3. Change DNS Settings: If the above-given step did not help you resolve the problem then chances are there is some conflict of DNS settings in your router to that of preset by Roku. So get access to your router settings and change the DNS settings to automatic, this will enable your network to provide automatic IP address without bothering about the DNS settings.

4. Update Software on Roku Device: if any of the above-mentioned steps did not help you resolve the issue then chances are your Roku device is at fault. Go to your Roku device application and navigate to software update. Download the necessary software and update your Roku device and then try connecting to your router again.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in getting to a solution. In case you have any further doubt or query, feel free to respond and I will be glad to help!.

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Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Issue:

Roku not connecting to wifi could be because of conflicting DNS settings in your router.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to resolve the issue.

Step 1. Open your web browser and type in your IP address in the URL field. In case you do not know your IP address, open your command prompt/ command line, and type ipconfig. All your network details will be displayed here including IP address.

Step 2. You will be redirected to the admin login page for your router settings. Enter the username and password as provided by your ISP. In case you do not know the login details, look under the device as most of the manufacturers print it there or contact your ISP.

Step 3. Once logged into your router, go to the WAP or Internet settings. On this page, you will notice a box for DNS. Generally, the cause for your Roku device to not work is due to conflicting DNS settings. So set DNS1 to and DNS2 to

Step 4. Save your settings.

Step 5. Run your Roku streaming device again, if you are still not able to get a connection, hard reset your router and then try connecting to it.

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Fix Roku Not Connecting to Internet:

Hi friends , I am one of the user of this forum, here i want to discuss why my roku not connecting to wifi as it was written not connecting to LAN. These are many reason and many solutions are already give.

Now Let's start………..

Firstly you need to setup your Roku device with your Sony TV.

  1. Connect your Roku with Television and plug it in.
  2. Connect your Roku to internet.
  3. Now Setup Your Roku Account.
  4. In the end whatever you want to watch need to associate with content provider.

But what's this we come across some technical difficulty like roku not connecting , roku not catching signals and there are many more….

Why to worry we can check for some of the things given below :

  1. Just make sure to enter correct name and password. As this is very common mistake that user make.
  2. Check whether your router is working properly by connecting it to mobile device or computer.
  3. Need to check the signals of router. Router and Roku should be keep ear to each other.
  4. If all of the above things are OK. Then restart your Roku device and Router.

So just try out these steps for fixing Roku not connecting issue and let me know it will be helpful to you or not. So that i can refine it in more easy ways.

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