How to Factory Reset Airtel 4G Hotspot Router

Is there anyone who knows about how to factory reset Airtel 4G hotspot router. I am facing some issues while while reseting it. Help me.
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Factory Reset Airtel 4G Hotspot Router

If you have forgotten your router password but want to factory reset the Airtel 4G hotspot router, then don't worry. You can factory reset the Airtel 4G hotspot router by simply clicking the reset button. Reset buttons are used to restore factory settings, and it is usually known as a hard reset.

You can also restore factory settings with the help of software, also known as a soft restart. It's a straightforward way to access your 4G router in case you have forgotten your username, password, or IP address.

While setting the new password, always make sure you form a strong password. Forgetting passwords may cause difficulty in resetting the router to the factory default settings.

If you've updated your 4G hotspot router and aren't sure how to log in to Airtel 4G Hotspot WiFi router after forgetting your password, keep your hotspot router ready and follow the simple instructions below.

Follow these simple steps to restore factory settings using the reset button on a 4G hotspot router.

How to Factory Reset Airtel 4G Hotspot Router?

You may come across technical issues while using your router from time to time. This may happen because of an outdated firmware or some glitch. Worry not as these issues can be fixed by applying the right solutions. If your router is not working properly, then the best way to resolve this issue is to factory reset the Airtel 4G hotspot router.

This process involves the complete removal of customizations made in the settings as the device goes back to the state it was in when you purchased the router. To get complete information about the factory reset of this router device, read ahead. 

Steps to reset the Airtel 4G Hotspot router

Perform the steps mentioned below in order to hard reset your Airtel 4G router. 

  • Search for the reset button on your Airtel 4G router. You can either find it on the back or base of your Airtel 4G router. 
  • Press the reset button and then hold it for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Leave the reset button and wait until the reset process is complete. After that, turn on your router again.  

Airtel 4G Hotspot Router Hard Reset

While using the reset button to restore factory settings is known as a hard reset, factory settings can also be restored using software, known as a soft reset. If you forget your IP address, login username, or password, doing a hard reset is a straightforward way to access your 4G router.

If you forget your Airtel 4G Hotspot password, you can reset it. Remove the back cover of the Airtel 4G hotspot portable router to reveal the reset button. Remove the battery from the 4G router and look for the reset button under there.

Using the Reset Button to Reset an Airtel 4G Router

  • Using the reset button to reset the WiFi router is a straightforward process. To press the reset button, you'll need a needle.
  • For 4-5 seconds, press and hold the reset button until the 4G router does not restart.

  • Wait for the Airtel 4G router to reset before checking the WiFi name on your phone or laptop. It should show Airtel's default WIFI as shown on the router sticker.
  • When WiFi displays the default Airtel WiFi name, the router has been factory reset.
  • To protect your portable 4G router from illegal access, set the default Airtel 4G hotspot login password "admin."

How to Factory Reset Airtel 4g Hotspot Router Password? 

If you wish to change the password of your router and you cannot recall the old one. Then, there is a way to change your password, but for that, you will have to reset your router. To reset your Airtel 4g router password, you have to look for a reset button on your router.

The reset button is usually situated on the back of the router. If you are not able to find this button, then refer to the instruction manual to find it. You have to press and hold the button to reset the Airtel 4g hotspot. Once the router has started resetting itself, it will also change the current password to the default one. 

With the help of the default username and password, you can log in to your router again and manage the settings. 

How to Change Airtel 4G WiFi Hotspot Password?

  • To change the default login password for the Airtel 4G LTE Router, go to the router's default IP address.
  • Connect to the Airtel 4G hotspot with the default WiFi password from your phone or laptop.
  • Type http:// IP Address into a Web browser.
  • The hotspot router's login username and password are admin/admin.
  • Choose the Settings tab from the top menu.
  • Now go to System-Password Modification.
  • Change the password as shown option.

Current Password: Admin (user default password)

New Password: Type a new login password

Confirm Password: Type a new password 

How Do You Change the Airtel Pocket Wi-Fi Router Password?

To change the password of the Airtel pocket Wi-Fi router, below are the steps, you need to carry out. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to connect your smartphone to the Airtel 4G Wi-Fi router.

Step 2: After that, launch any web browser you like. 

Step 3:  Log into your Airtel 4G router by entering the username and password. 

Step 4: On your router settings page, go to the router settings tab and then choose the option to change your password. 

Step 5: Now, you can use your present username and password. 

So these are the steps that you need to follow in order to change your Airtel pocket Wi-Fi router password. 


The last words! Your home WiFi router should always be used as a strong password. The last and final option is to reset the hotspot router, which would wipe any saved configuration.

Before performing a factory reset, try to recover the password for the Airtel 4G hotspot router using the last old password you remember. Always back up the configuration file when configuring the Hotspot router in case it needs to be factory reset in the future due to a forgotten password or IP address.

FAQs For How to Factory Reset Airtel 4G Hotspot Router

Q1. How can I reset my Airtel 4g hotspot router to factory settings?

Ans: To reset the router to factory settings, you need to first look for the reset button on your router, press and hold it for a minute, and wait till the router is resetting. Now, turn on the router.

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