Why HP Router's Bandwidth is Degrading in Ethernet Connection

I have HP router. When I connect my laptop to the ethernet connection on the router I get low kbps downloads from my cable modem (according to speakeasy speed tests). If I go through the wireless connection, I get 2200-2900kbps downloads, with the laptop right next to the router. I have installed all updates in my system. I am wondering why there is too much difference of bandwidth in wired and wireless connection in HP router. Please guide me.

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The issue of bandwidth occur due to a number of reasons, I will discuss certain troubleshooting techniques to resolve Bandwidth Issue in your HP router. Follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Check your wired connection: The very basic yet important step is to check your connections are proper or not. Whether your router is receiving constant power supply. If not make sure to plugin to a better power source. Check if the LED on the router is stable.
  2. Change the ethernet cable: Generally, wired connection provides the best speed possible for your router, so there are chances that the Ethernet cable you might be using is faulty. So, change your ethernet cable and see if the problem persists.
  3. Change your router channel: Most of the home-based Wifi works on a bandwidth of 2.1 GHz which is also the bandwidth of most of the home appliances like a cordless phone, remote, microwave etc. which causes interference in the signal strength. So, change your bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz. This will ensure that the interference due to other devices doesn't affect your HP router.
  4. Upgrade the Firmware: Firmware contains encoded messages for your router to function properly, it also removes glitches and problems in the previous versions. You can download the latest version of the firmware from your vendor's website.
  5. Reset your router: If the above-mentioned steps did not help much, you can opt for a Reset. Resetting your router will change its setting to the factory settings. This process ensures that any problems occurring due to a faulty setting will be removed. All your changes made in the router will be wiped out. So press the "Reset" button at the back of your router for 10-20 seconds and let it stabilize for few minutes before using it.

Hopefully, the above-given troubleshooting methods helped you in solving the Bandwidth Issue. In case you did not understand or having problems with any of the steps mentioned above, kindly revert back with your query.

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