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Why My HP Router is Not Compatible with HP Laptop?

Is anyone familiar with HP MSR920 Ethernet Router .I've got an HP XE3 laptop running W2K that I've managed to connect to the Internet (cable broadband). I can get to my homepage, but something goes wrong at that point and I can't get to any other web page (I get an "unknown address" message). I'm assuming there's some sort of compatibility problem between the router hardware/software and the HP BIOS, but it's just a wild guess. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Turn on the wireless network card if it is not already on.
  2. On HP laptops, the switch to accomplish this is usually located on the front of the laptop, although it might be on the side.
  3. When it is off, an amber light will show.
  4. When you slide it across to the On position, you will see a blue light.
  5. Double click the wireless icon on the Windows toolbar.
  6. This icon looks like a small computer monitor with two wavy lines at its right.
  7. This will open a box showing the current wireless connection status.In the box, click on the bottom right-hand side that says View Wireless Networks.
  8. Your HP laptop will automatically detect any wireless networks that are within range and will show whether they are secured or open.
  9. Click the appropriate network to which you want to connect your HP laptop computer and then click the Connect button at the bottom right of the box.
  10. If the network is secured, you will need to enter a password.
  11. If it's an open network, your HP laptop will obtain the IP address and connect itself automatically.
  12. It should also reconnect to the same network whenever it's within range, as long as your wireless card is turned on.
  13. Check the connection by opening your browser and a web page.
  14. If you cannot connect to the Internet, reboot your HP laptop and HP router and repeat the same process.
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