Why My HP Router is Not Connecting to Printer

I have been using my HP printer through my HP router for some time now, but recently the router was reset and now it will not allow the printer to connect using the push button or password. I have tried everything that HP has recommended, and finally, after running plenty of tests, I configured that Router is creating an issue. How do I overcome this router problem?

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Answer - 1

Connect Printer to Router:

Things needed -

1.HP Printer

2.Wireless router

3.USB cable

4.Printer drivers

Although you can easily connect HP printer to any wireless router via a USB connection or wirelessly. Here we are discussing how to connect HP Printer to router in a USB connection.

For connecting HP router to HP printer, just follow these instructions -

1.First of all, install the printer drivers that are needed to access HP printer.

2.Now, take a USB cable and connect your HP Printer to the router.

Also, press the “Power on” button of the printer.

3.Next, go to Start button and open Control Panel window.

4. After this, tap on Printer and press a right click on “Printer icon”.

5.Then go to Properties and open the “Printer Properties Window”.

6. Tap on “Ports” tab and remove the checkmark from “Enable bidirectional support”.

Next, hit a click on “Add port” and choose the “Standard TCP/IP protocol”.

7. Now, you are redirected to next window where you have to enter your printer’s name. Here, you need to enter your router’s IP address in the required field. After completing these entries, hit Next key. Now, your system will automatically detect your HP Printer. If failed to detect your printer then contact HP router Technical Support Number.

8.In next step, move to Protocol Settings. Here you have to enter “9100” in the Port number field.

9.Now, just follow on-screen instructions and now all settings are configured properly.

10.At last, print a test page and if your HP Printer print outs properly then you should understand your HP Printer is ready to use.

If any trouble arises while setting up HP printer with HP router then call at HP Router HELP. You can also ask for support from experts if you want to connect your HP Printer wirelessly and failed to so. Feel free to ask for support at any hour of day/night.

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Answer - 2

Connecting HP Router to Printer:

First, we need to connect your HP printer to your HP router. We will use WPS (Wifi Protected Setup).

1. On the front of the printer go to Setup > Wireless > WPS. Start it.

2. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the front of the router.

3. Watch the front panel of the printer to indicate that the connection was successful.

Once that is done, go to System Preferences > Print & Scan. Click the '+' sign to add the printer. I hope this will work in your case.

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