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How do i secure my hp router?

Hello everyone! Recently I am facing security issue with my HP router. When I open web-based configuration, only a few numbers display on the screen and no any other tab. In fact, administration tab is also absent. I think someone is leaching my internet. Help me, how can I secure my router?



Well, router security is a very important thing so don’t take it lightly otherwise any anonymous person can take advantage of it and modify your router’s settings. But don’t worry as it is very easy to secure HP router.

Look at these points and learn how to secure HP router -

1.How to access HP router settings – Open web browser and type HP router’s IP address in the address bar. Now you will see HP router login screen where you have to enter username and password. You can also check your router’s username and password from manual. In case, you don’t have manual then contact HP Router Technical Support Number.

2.Apply a unique password – After logging, you have to change the default password of HP router. Choose a strong password that contains alphabets, numbers and special characters. By doing this, any unauthorized can’t connect to your HP router. To change the password, navigate to Administration settings and modify the default password.

3.Modify SSID – If any person knows SSID then anyone can easily hack your HP router. So, it is also very important to change default SSID. To change SSID, go to HP router settings page and then tap on Wireless settings. Here you will see SSID option, just rename it and save the settings.

4.Encrypt wireless signals- You should encrypt your wireless signals if you want that any third person can’t use your internet connection. In HP routers, various encryption methods are available such as WEP, WPA, WPA2-Personal. Well, you should choose WPA 2- Personal as this provides higher security and can’t be cracked by hackers too.

5. Upgrade HP router’s firmware- Also check your router’s firmware occasionally. For this go to the manufacturer website and make sure your HP router is running the latest firmware.

By implementing above tips, I hope you will understand how to secure HP Router. In case, any problem arises with HP router then contact HP Router Technical Support Number.

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