how do i password protect my wireless internet?

I have Comcast internet and I have a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Broadband Router and I want to enable security on my internet that way my neighbors cannot access my network. How do I do it?
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Protecting your wireless network helps you in limiting the internet usage to your devices only. This helps in keeping intruders from misusing your data. Here we will discuss in detail on how to Enable Security on your Linksys WRT54G. Follow the steps below carefully and enable security on your Linksys WRT54ZG:

Step 1: Connect your router directly to your computer using an ethernet cable. Insert one end of the cable in the LAN port of your router while the other end goes into your computer's ethernet port. Wait for few minutes to let the connection get stable.

Image result for linksys router connected to pc using ethernet cable

Step 2: Open your web browser and type in the given URL field and hit Enter. Now you will be redirected to the default homepage of your router.

The save the password, check the Remember My Password box.

Step 3: Click on the Login link on the right top corner and enter the username and password in their respective fields. In case you don't know your SSID and password, enter "admin" in the username field and leave the password field blank.

Step 4: Once on the page, select "Wireless" tab and then the "Wireless Security" sub-tab.

The Security Modes in the Linksys Web interface.Step 5: Choose one of the security types from the drop-down menu. It is recommended to select WPA2 as this is considered to be the strongest and most secure with government type encryption.

The wireless security settings in the Web interface.

Step 6: Now, type a password in the "WPA Shared Key" field. This is going to be your WIFI password, so make sure to note it down. Make sure to make your password strong and something which cannot be guessed easily. It is recommended to create a password using uppercase, lowercase, and numerals for a strong password. Save the settings and apply the changes.

Hopefully, the above-given steps helped you in Enabling security for your router. In case you face difficulty in understanding any part, kindly revert back with your query.


how do i password protect my wireless internet?

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