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Linksys Router Setup Software?

Hi, Can you please help me how to setup linksys router software.

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Linksys Router Setup Software:

May be this will help you .............

Step 1 : Insert the setup CD into your PC. Your PC must be within 5 feet of the router during the setup process.

Step 2 : Click "Next" at the User License Agreement screen.

Step 3 : Plug the power cable and the Internet connection cable into the router. Your Internet connection cable normally comes through a wall socket. Ask your Internet service provider where it was installed if you have problems locating it. Click "Next" again and wait for the software to run through the setup process.

Enter your password and Internet account information if prompted. Click "Next" and wait for the setup process to finalize.

Step 4 : Click "OK." You will now see the "Cisco Connect" screen. You can change options such as parental controls and security settings from here or just click "Close" to exit the setup process. Test the Internet connection on your PC and laptop by opening a few web pages in your browser.

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Linksys Router Setup Software:

Few Things You Need Upfront To setup Belkin Wireless Router Internet Connection From Your Internet service Provider Like At&t, Comcast, Verizon etc. Ethernet Cable (Internet Cable) Mostly RJ45 (For Connecting Modem To Linksys Router ) A Computer (Optional) You Can Setup The Linksys Wireless Router With Phone Or Tablet Via Using Any Full Browser Like Chrome,Firefox Or Internet Explorer Etc .

Best Hack – Please Reset Linksys Router Before You Setup It This Will Make Job More Easy .

How To Install And Configure Linkysys Router Using Mac ?

Setup Linksys router –

1- Plug your Linksys Router with Power outlet And Connect your modem with your Linkysys router with a cable (internet or Ethernet cable ) linksys-router-setup

  • Now connect the computer with router using the one more Ethernet cable.
  • In Case You Do Not Have Extra Ethernet Cable Please Reset The linksys Router And Click On Wireless Icon In Your Computer.
  • Connect With The Unsecured linksys Router And Open The Browser.
  • Once You Connected The linksys Router With Computer Please Open The Web Browser And Type And Hit Enter .

2- Linksys Router setup Page Or linksys Dashboard will come up And Now you Can Configure The Settings In your Linksys router .

You can change or setup password as you wish . After setup Your linksys Router Please Restart Your Router And Computer.

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