Can I Use My Linksys Router for My iPad

I am having problem in using linksys router with my ipad......can anyone help me?

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Use Linksys Router for iPad:

Many users thinks to use my Linksys router for my iPad by using the capability of a Wi-Fi internet via the Linksys router. However an apple device will unable to connect with an iPad adaptor.

If anybody can I use my Linksys router for my iPad then this requires to make the setting up a Wi-Fi network or as router's SSID name or password. After this you can now able to connect an automatic Wi-Fi connections to the network within a minute.

Steps for knowing Linksys Router-

Step-1 Enter router's IP address as into the web address bar and hit enter! For accessing the setup page of a Linksys router.

Step-2 Then type username along with password as promptly. If you not make any changes in the login information then leave the username field as blank and type enter as admin in the password field.

Step-3 And then select the wireless tab as located on the setup page. Now click to choose the basic wireless settings.

Step-4 Now give a look at the wireless network's SSID and then its password on the page. If Linksys router features get disabled then click to manual button then it requires to click on the manual button.

After this you need to set up a wireless network which renders the router's SSID name along with security password settings.

Steps for Setting an iPad to a Linksys Router:

Step-1 firstly you need to tap the settings icon into the home screen and then tap the Wi-Fi into the screen setting.

Step-2 You need to enable Wi-Fi by doing the slider as On.

Step-3 now tap the SSID name by going under settings icon of a Linksys wireless router network and then this requires to choose a network.

Step-4 Now enter the Linksys wireless router network password and then tap to join it. Here you can use my Linksys router for my iPad. If you're facing troubles in connecting a Linksys router along with an iPad.

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Use Linksys Router for iPad:

Yes, you can connect your ipad to the internet by using Linksys Router. Infact, When connected to a wireless router, an iPad performs at its best. After connecting to the Wi-Fi router once,

You can easily access network and the internet. Also you will be able to aceess the router as well. This means, once connected, you will be having the proper credentials to manage the settings of router and network directly from the ipad.

After connecting to the router, you can automatically connect your ipad to the network anytime. There is no need to manage your settings once connected. Also whenever your router will be within the range, your iPad will automatically get connected to the wireless network.

It is Very Easy to Connect the iPad to Linksys Router.

  • Tap"Settings" icon on your ipad screen and then tap "Wi-Fi".
  • If your W-Fi is currently OFF, enable it by sliding Wi-Fi to ON.
  • Now choose a network name for your router under "Choose a network".
  • Enter the linksys router password, if prompted. Tap "Join".
  • Your iPad is now connected to the Linksys Router.
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