How to Setup Linksys E2500 Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Linksys E2500 router. I am facing some issue while it's setting for running. Help me.
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Setup Linksys E2500 Router:

Linksys E2500 router setup is easier in comparison to other router setups. Linksys router can be installed either by using an installation disc or without using any installation CD. You can also set up the router by using a Cisco connect software. You can also manage the guest access using the setup page. 

You are not required to run the software to create access for the guest network, which was very important in case of E1000, E2000 and E3000 routers. A guest network can also be created manually. Mentioned below are the two different ways that you can use to setup Linksys 2500 router. 

How to Setup Linksys Router without CD?

These are the steps that you need to carry out in order to setup Linksys router without CD. 

Step 1: Make a Connection 

Take an ethernet wire and use it to connect the router, computer system and modem. Also, check the connection status and see if the lights are flashing. 

Step 2: Go to the Setup Page

The IP address of the router is Launch your web browser and enter this IP address in the URL section. After that, you will be asked to enter the password of your router. The setup page contains the settings of the network and it is encrypted. 

The default password of Linksys E2500 router is admin and leave the username section empty.  In case you are not able to open the setup page by entering the default password, then reset your router. This will bring your router’s settings to factory default mode. 

In order to reset the router, all you have to do is to press the button of reset for 15 seconds. After that, leave the button and disconnect it from the power source. Now, wait for 10 seconds and then reconnect it to the power source. 

Wait for another half minute and then try to open the setup page again. Launch the Linksys E2500 setup page and then manually change the settings of internet connection. 

Step 3: Settings of Internet Connection

If you have a cable internet, then you will be requiring the clone of the Mac address of the computer. After that, save the settings. In case you are using DSL internet service, then you will be required to change the PPPoE settings. 

Then, enter the username and password that has been provided to you by your internet service provider. Save these settings. After you are done changing the settings of your internet connection, your main computer will get access to the internet connection with the help of your router. After that, you will have to change the settings of your wireless network. 

Step 4: Settings of the Wireless Network 

Go to the setup page of your Linksys router and then select the Wireless tab. After that, change the configuration and seit to manual. There, you will witness 2 different wireless networks, which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Change the network name of both the networks. 

Select the network mode as mixed. Make sure that the network name for both the wireless networks is different. Also, enable the SSID broadcast and then save the settings chosen. 

Step 5: Wireless Security

Go to the sub tab of Wireless Security, then click on it. Then, you will see security for two separate wireless networks. Change the mode of security for WPA2 personal or WPA personal for both the networks. 

After that, type-in the password. Keep the same password for both the wireless networks and then save the settings. 

Step 6: Connect to the Wireless Network

This is going to create 2 different wireless networks for you. You can connect to any of the wireless networks that are perfect for your device. Now, your Wi-Fi network is ready. 

After that, connect your wireless network to the mobile phone, laptop or any other device. There you will see two wireless networks. Connect to any of the networks and then enter the password. Then, you will be able to access the internet on your Wi-Fi devices. 

Step 7: Setup Guest Network Access

Go to the Wireless tab and then select the sub tab of Guest Access. This Guest Access enables the guests in your house to have access to the network. Moreover, you are not required to give them access to your personal data or computer. 

For setting up Guest Access just select the option of Allow Guest access. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that you can’t edit the guest network.Then, change the password. After that, choose the number of guests you want to be connected to your network. Save the changes made in the settings. 

How to Set up a Router Using Linksys Connect Software?

Connect your PC to the modem and ensure that your PC can access the internet with the help of modem only. After that, connect your modem to the router device and your PC to the E2500 router using an ethernet wire. 

Insert the router setup CD in your PC and run the Cisco software. The software will configure the access settings and password. 

So, this is all that you need to know to learn how to setup Linksys E2500 router.

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