How to Set up a Gateway Router?

In today's world a gateway router is the most wonderful router which has a capability to share various broadband network connections to the multiple devices mainly as wired/wireless devices. But to make a setup of a gateway router customers can seek online router technical assistance related to any errors in gateway routers which may be resolved and fixes in a timely manner.

Instructions for Making the Setup of a Gateway Router:

Step-1: Firstly place your gateway router near the location of a nearly power outlet and can be easily reached to the PC as well as modem device. Now raise the antenna at the back of the gateway routers. Then connect the gateway router directly to the broadband modem along with an Ethernet cable.

Step-2: Then plug one end of an Ethernet cable to the WAN port that is available on the back of a gateway router. And the other end of an Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port avails at the back of the broadband modem indicated as internet or as WAN. If required any technical assistance then call at router technical support services.

Step-3: Now connect your gateway router to both via the computer device along with second Ethernet cable. Now using second Ethernet cable plug one end to the LAN1 port at the back of your gateway router and then plug the other end of a cable into the PCs network card. If you're using any additional LAN ports such that you can add numerous wired devices along with your network including gaming console or any other computer.

Step-4: Now plug the tip of a router's AC power supply into the modem located at the left hand side of an Ethernet ports. Then this requires to plug the transformer end into the power supply of a wall outlet.

Step-5: Then this allows the router's front LED's into a few seconds that light up as green as in the power wireless WAN and LAN1 buttons must indicates green light.

Step-6: Now open an internet explorer web browser and enter an IP address as into the address bar and hit enter! Now you need to launch the router's software interface. This will asks username and password as promptly before typing into the gateway wireless router setup menu.

Step-7: When asks as prompted then enter admin as in both the fields username and password respectively. Now select the heading indicated as Setup wizard located to the upper left corner that adds security measures which finalize and completes the process of installations of a gateway router.