Technical Tour on HP Network Virtual Router VSR1000

Hewlett Packard or famously known as HP is an Information Technology based company which provides computer hardware, computer software, IT Services and IT Consultancy to its wide range of consumers all across the globe. It was established in the year 1939 from a garage and became one of the major IT giants in recent times.

It serves to all kinds of consumer base which include small and medium sized businesses and big MNC. It also provides services to government, health and education sector. in many countries. HP is considered a major firm when it comes to manufacturing networking based devices as it makes all kinds of routers which are broadly categorized into:

  • HP router
  • HP business routers
  • HP network router 
  • HP enterprise router

Each category mentioned-above have a different set of user base and have different requirements which HP fulfills. HP VSR1000 virtual router series is the new lines of network routers which are virtual in nature, these are not physically present at your workplace but rather an application which will do all the functionality of a router but on a virtual machines like VMware or Kernel on x86 architecture.

Technical Aspects of HP VSR1000 Virtual Router Series:

The HPE VSR1000 Series is a routing virtualized network function (VNF) that provides similar functionality as enterprise physical routers but without the need of a Physical device. This HP router enables significant operational savings as it is stored on a virtual HP Network router. Like any other HP business router, HP VSR1000 runs on a industry standard x86 server.

The resources present on this HP VSR1000 router can be dynamically allocated depending on the need and requirements of the organization. Here are some technical details related to the HP VSR 1000 router:

  • HP VSR 1000 is virtual router which runs on industry-standard x86 server model.
  • HP VSR 1000 is available in 1,4 and 8 virtual CPU versions with no expiration date.
  • All major and necessary network protocols are available.
  • All critical network services like s VPN gateway, firewall, and other security and traffic management functions are available.
  • The VSR1000 provides comprehensive network services such as NAT, zone-based firewall, IPsec VPN, ADVPN, MPLS VPN, and QoS etc. Leveraging SR-IOV technology. 
  • The VSR1000 may achieve 20 Gbps+ network services.
  • Comprehensive data center and SDN features: VXLAN, OpenFlow 1.3, and IRF 2:1 virtualization.
  • Supports the following industry-standard hypervisors: VMware ESXi versions 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5; Linux KVM (Linux kernel version 2.6.25 or later)
  • PPPoE Client Helps device easily obtain Ethernet Internet access through PPPoE negotiation.
  • It supports all major industry-standard VMware and KVM hypervisor virtual machines.
  • The company has also promised agile deployments across the branch office, data center, and cloud.

These are some of the major technical aspects of the new HP business/ HP network based VSR1000 virtual router series. The company has also made available the sample versions and trial versions to be downloaded for free and structured its business in a way that consumer would not have to pay for any hidden costs.