Convert a Linksys Router to an Ethernet Bridge

Please let me know that Convert a Linksys Router to an Ethernet Bridge. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.
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Convert a Linksys Router to an Ethernet Bridge:

Ethernet bridge that has been configured for connecting directly to the main network as it will help in increasing the range of your network. It can also divide the network into two sub-networks. This is particularly useful for companies whose networks cover a large area.

Linksys routers have a bridge mode that can help you in changing a standard router into a network bridge. If you have 2 Linksys routers, then you can use one to create an ethernet bridge, which can further improve the signal strength and range of your network. 

How can I Convert my Linksys Router into an Ethernet Bridge?

Below are the steps that you need to follow to convert a Linksys router to an ethernet bridge. 

Step 1: Connect your ethernet cable to the internet port of your Linksys router and connect the other side to the network port at the back of your main router device. Connect the power adapter of your router to an electrical outlet and then power it on. You can also connect it to a surge protector if you like. 

Step 2: Take another ethernet cable and connect it to the LAN port of your Linksys router. Now, take the other end of the ethernet cable and connect it to the network port of your PC. Open your web browser on your PC and then press the enter key. 

Step 3: Navigate to the section of Router Settings and then select the link of Connectivity. After that, go to the tab of "Internet Settings" and then choose the option of IPv4. Go to the section of "Type of internet connection" and then select Bridge Mode from there.

Then, select the option of "choose an IPv4 address automatically" and then select OK for turning on the Bridge mode.

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