How do I password protect my linksys router?

I have had an unprotected signal too long and don't know, how to password protect it? Please help.

Try opening your browser and go to or You can try that and see if it lets you in. If it asks you for a password you can try leaving it blank and if it asks for a username try admin. Look at the bottom of your router and it may tell you the default password. When you get in if you can look a round for WEP security or and type of security like that. Type a password in and save it and write it down somewhere so you remember it or you will have to change it again.
To protect your wireless network just log on to your wireless router admin @ then go to wireless tab. Under that there's a sub-tab called "wireless security", just choose WPA then set your password. On your computer reconnect to your wireless network then supply the password if asked.

How do I password protect my linksys router?

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