How to Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Linksys router no connectivity error. When i am trying to connect with Linksys router then they show no connectivity. Help me in short out this problem.

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Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error:

Linksys router no connectivity error arises when your computer is not able to have access to the internet. This error can occur because of the internet service provider, computer, or some other network related problems. This connectivity alert can appear in any of the wireless or wired connections.

To Fix Linksys Router No Connectivity Error, Below Mentioned are the Troubleshooting Techniques That You Need to Apply.

1) Wired Connection

a) Please Make Sure That Your Network Adapter is Functioning

Remove the adapter and then reconnect it to the power source to ensure that it is working properly. Additionally, you need to check if your Windows PC is ready to get the IP address automatically.

b) Check Hardware Connection

Sometimes, Linksys router no connectivity error arises because of a loose wired connection. To fix this problem, you need to ensure that all the wires are properly connected. You can also establish an internet connection simply just by rebooting your router.

Moreover, you can try connecting ethernet wire to some other port on your router. If the LED light on your router gets turned on, then that means the wires are properly connected. If the power LED light of your Linksys router is flashing, then that means there is a problem with the firmware.

c) See if There is an IP Address Conflict

Please check that your router has a valid and unique IP address. The IP address conflict issue occurs when 2 computers have the same IP address.

Tip: In case your router is directly connected to the computer system and you are still encountering no or limited connectivity, then you must get in touch with your internet service provider and ask them if there is an issue with the network. If there is a problem, then you will have to wait until the problem gets resolved.

2. Wireless Connection

1) Wrong Password

In order to connect to a secured wireless network, you need to enter a security password. There is a chance that you have entered the wrong security key, which is why you are not able to connect to the internet.

If you have forgotten or you are not sure what is the password of your wireless network, then open your router’s wireless security settings on your computer and check the password of your Linksys wireless router.

2) See if Wireless MAC Filter is Enabled

Almost all the Linksys wireless router models have a mac filter feature. This puts a limit on the number of devices that you can connect to your wireless network. There is a chance that you are not able to connect to the internet because MAC filter feature is enabled. To fix this problem, just disable the MAC filter.

3) Distance From the Router

Your PC must be within the range of your wireless router to have a stable wireless connection. You may experience issues while connecting to the network because of interference created by the neighboring wireless devices like wireless microwave and smartphones. To get rid of such interference, all you need to do is to change the channel of your router.

4) Update Firmware of Your Router

You may face Linksys router no connectivity error because of outdated firmware. To resolve this issue, update the firmware of your router. If you are not able to connect any of the devices to the wireless network, then that means the issue lies in the firmware of your router.

You may have to reset your router to factory default settings in order to update its firmware. You will either have to create a backup of router settings or reconfigure the same after resetting your router.

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