How to Install USB WiFi Adapter Windows 10

Hello, Please tell me about how to install usb wifi adapter windows 10. I am facing this issue. I don't know how to install USB WiFi adapter on window 10 and 7.

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You can install a high-quality USB wifi adaptor in Windows 10 to enhance the speed. It is important to have inbuilt drivers so that you can directly take advantage of the wireless network without having to download the adapters. You have first to choose an adaptor, insert the chosen adaptor, and then carry on with the driver installation process.

The second way to install the USB Wi-Fi adaptor on Windows 10 is by manually installing it when Windows does not have built-in drivers. You can use the included driver CD and download the drivers from the manufacturer's official website.

Install USB Wifi Adapter Windows 10:

If your computer system has an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature or the internal Wi-Fi adapter of your laptop is not working any longer or you are not able to get the best speed from it, then in that case you should use a high quality Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop or computer system. Here we are available with some of the steps that you need to follow to install USB wifi adapter windows 10.

First you need to buy a Wi-Fi adapter and you are ready to install it. If you are looking for some suggestions, then you need to take a look at the best Wi-Fi adapters for Windows 10. Now, let us perform the steps for setting up the wireless adapters for improving the Wi-Fi signals.

In case your system has the required drivers.

Generally, Wi-Fi adapters are available as plug and play devices for Windows 10 operating system. The latest operating system has drivers for most of the devices on Windows computer. This is what you need to do to install USB Wi-Fi adapters on your Windows 10 computer if your system has already installed drivers.

The benefit of having the inbuilt drivers is that one can directly use the wireless network without the need of downloading the adapters. In case your system requires a driver update, then you can only do so by going to the manufacturers website.

You can also go to the Windows device manager for upgrading the drivers. You can also use Wi-Fi 2 as the second network that shows up in the list of wireless networks because of the wireless adapter. It will be shown at the top of the list of wireless networks in the task bar. Once you select it, then you have to reconnect to the network.

In case you do not have a Wi-Fi networking device installed on your computer system, then in that case your system will choose the connected USB adapter as the first option. If your system does not have the drivers.

In case you are not using the older versions of Windows, then there is no chance that there are no inbuilt drivers on your computer system. Nevertheless, there are certain cases where this can also be possible. In such a case, there are some of the methods that you can use for installing the driver properly.

Use a Separate Computer System for Installing the Driver:

  • Generally, a laptop comes along with a internal Wi-Fi adapter to enable you to go online and search for the needed drivers. But if there is no internal Wi-Fi adapter, then you must download the drivers using a separate computer system.
  • To install USB wifi adapter windows 10 and for downloading the drivers, you first need to visit the manufacturer’s website and then move to the support page or drivers page. Look for the package that has the necessary drivers for completing the setup procedure.
  • Once you are done downloading the drivers, move the files to the USB drive and then connect it to the computer system or laptop for which you wish to use the Wi-Fi adapter. Move the files to the local folder and then extract them.
  • Launch the Windows device manager and look for your adapter’s name in the list. You will be able to locate them in the network adaptors section.
  • Go to the menu and select the update drivers software by right clicking on the network adaptors section.
  • After that to install USB wifi adapter windows 10, the Driver Update Wizard will open up. Select ‘search my computer for the driver software’ out of the two options that are available on the screen.
  • Go to browse and then choose the local folder where the drivers were extracted.
  • After that, to install USB Wi-Fi adapter windows 10, the Windows 10 will start installing the drivers on its own. Once the installation is done successfully, then the adapters will begin searching for the available wireless networks.

Use CD for Installing the Drivers:

  • This is the most common and easiest method for installing the drivers manually. Generally the USB adapters come together with the CD for installation. Insert that CD in your laptop or computer system and then it will show up a window for the easy installation of the drivers. Moreover, it allows you to install third party tools to look for the networks.
  • Every wireless adapter has something in it that separates it from others but they all have one similarity. You can use them for replacing your internal card or for improving the wireless speed of your network.

So, these are some of the steps that one needs to follow to install USB Wi-Fi adapter Windows 10. We hope that the above article could help you with your problem.

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