How to Restart Your Xfinity Gateway

Please let me know that how to restart Xfinity Gateway. I am facing some issues while trying to do restart it. Help me.
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Restart Your Xfinity Gateway

If you want to reach your Xfinity gateway using the Xfinity app, then you need to first launch the Xfinity My Account app. If the school is down, hit the "Internet tile" option, select the modem, and hit the "restart this device" option. Now, the restart process will take some time.

You can also restart the finance gateway with the help of my account online. First, log in to your account with the help of your Xfinity ID and password. Choose the "manage internet" option. Now click on the option restart modem. This will perform a restart procedure on your Xfinity gateway. You can also restart your Xfinity gateway manually and with the help of an admin tool.

What Happens When you Restart an Xfinity Router? 

When you restart your Xfinity router, you can't use your home network. If you are an Xfinity voice user, then you won't be able to use the calling feature. You can't even place a call to 911 until your Xfinity gateway comes online again. In case you are using Xfinity home, then you won't be able to access connected smart devices and cameras. 

How to Restart Xfinity xFi Gateway? 

To restart an xFi gateway, launch the Xfinity app or go to the website and then sign in to Xfinity by entering your user ID and password. 

  • First of all, go to the Xfinity website and then go down to the troubleshooting option and then click on Restart
  • If you are using the Xfinity app, then scroll down and stop when you see Connection Trouble. After that, tap on the option of Restart Gateway.

Use my Xfinity App to Restart your Xfinity Gateway

  • In the first step, you are required to launch the Xfinity My Account app. 
  • Now, scroll down and then tap on the option of Internet tile
  • Choose Modem and then tap on Restart this device option. The restart process is going to take a few minutes.

How to Restart Xfinity Gateway using My Account Online?

  • Log in to your Xfinity account by entering your Xfinity ID and password. 
  • After that, scroll down and click on the option of Manage Internet. 
  • To start Troubleshooting, click on the Restart Modem option.
  • After that, select the Start Troubleshooting option to restart your modem. The restart procedure is going to take a few minutes. Your internet will remain offline during the restart process. 

How to Restart the Xfinity Gateway Manually? 

In order to restart your Xfinity gateway manually, below are the simple steps that you need to follow. 

  • First of all, disconnect your power wire. 
  • After that, wait for a minute. 
  • Now, reconnect the power cable.

How to Restart Xfinity Gateway using Admin Tool? 

If you wish to restart your Xfinity Gateway using the Admin tool, then follow the simple steps mentioned below. 

  • In the first step, you need to ensure that you are connected to the home network. 
  • After that, launch your web browser and then enter HTTP:?10.0.1 in the address bar of your browser to open the Admin Tool. Now, sign in. Keep in mind that your admin tool's username and password are not the same as the name of your wireless network and password. In case you did not change the login credentials of your admin tool, then enter admin in the username section and password in the password section. Now, click on sign in.
  • After you sign in, go to Troubleshooting first. After that, select the option of Restart or Restore Gateway. There, you will see 5 reset options. These options are reset, reset the Wi-Fi router, and reset the Wi-Fi module. Restore factory settings and restore Wi-Fi settings. Choose any of these options to restart using the Admin tool. 

What are the 5 Reset Options Under Advanced Reset to Restart Xfinity Router?

Below-mentioned are the 5 reset options under Advanced Features. To restart your Xfinity gateway using these reset options, read below. 

Xfinity Reset: This process is the same as disconnecting and reconnecting the router. 

Reset Wi-Fi Module: It turns off the Wi-Fi radio option of your gateway and then turns it on again. 

Reset Xfinity Wi-Fi Router: This process is the same as restarting a Wi-Fi router that is connected to a cable modem.

Restore Factory Settings on Xfinity Route: This option restores the wireless gateway settings to factory default. This includes Wi-Fi credentials, parental controls, managed devices, and firewall settings.

If you factory reset your Xfinity gateway, you will get disconnected from the network temporarily. If required, you can change the Wi-Fi name and password to reconnect the devices to the home network using the newly-created credentials.  

Restore Wi-Fi Settings on Xfinity Router: In this process, your Wi-Fi settings will go back to factory default values. 

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