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How To Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red?

Hello, Please let me know that how to troubleshoot Verizon router WPS button flashing red. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.
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Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red:

Verizon is one of the popular telecommunication in the USA and is one of the modern solutions to excellent internet services. It is a 4G network with various range of plans and routers with WPS button.

The topmost LED represents WPS which is for the Wi-Fi protected setup. The function of the WPS button is to connect to a safe Wi-Fi network without entering a password.

  • To start functioning, locate the Verizon router at the space with that excellent signal, avoid spaces with reflective or metal surfaces.
  • Plug the power plug and turn it on.
  • Now, Access the router settings for configuration from the first menu and choose the wireless settings from the menu that seems on high.

Next, head to the fundamental security settings and make sure that WPS is turned on. currently that settings area unit complete, check that to press the WPS button on the router.

Sit up for one to 2 minutes for the Wi-Fi devices to be connected with WPS per its compatibility. there's an opportunity that any of the 3 colors would possibly seem on the WPS light-emitting diode inside 2 minutes.

Verizon Blinking Solid Green LED Light: It indicates that the WPS connected is created and you can proceed with the further procedure.

Verizon Blinking Green Light: It indicates the passing traffic through the device. It means that the LAN activity exists.

Verizon Blinking Red: Now, this indicates some hindrance in the basic activity. It also signifies the process of connection has not been established and the router is unable to locate the wireless devices.

It offers an indication of connection error or detection of overlapping in a session. It explains that the setup of a secure connection has stopped. Below are some of the ways to troubleshoot the Verizon router WPS button flashing red.

Steps to Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red

1. Check the Internet

Examine the Internet before you start to Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red. At times,

2. Check the Network Cable

Examine and make sure that the network cable is connected to the modem properly. Along with that, also make sure that the cable is not damaged and is working properly.

3. Restart the Router

To Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red, restart your router and then repeat the same process. Also, make sure that your router is switched on, and after that press the WPS button. Once you press the WPS button and check if the light turns green.

4. Check for Connection at the Optical Network Terminal

In case if there is no internet access, check the status of lights on the Optical Network Terminal. You can have access to it from the customer access door. Compare the lights and their activity as well as colors, with and without the internet.

If you spot a difference in WPS light or color, it is probably due to problems with Optical Network Terminal or the fiber signals.

5. Make the Placements Properly

Make sure to not touch or press the button unnecessarily as it can cause damage or trouble later on, in between moving or placing the router. Inadvertently pressing the WPS button, while carrying the router can also be one of the causes of the WPS button flashing red.

6. Contact the Service Provider

If you notice that even after trying all the above ways to Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red, then you need to contact your service provider to resolve the issue. You will get all the contact details on Verizon’s official website.

We hope the above article helped you to Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red.

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  • Troubleshoot Verizon Router WPS Button Flashing Red

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