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How to Connect Roku to WiFi with Username and Password?

I'm trying to connect my Roku 2XD at work but our wireless network requires a username and password, however on the Roku it only gives you the option to enter a password. Actually I am trying to connect Macbook with Roku via Airport WiFi, so username and password is need but I don’t know how to accomplish this task. The panel that comes up with WiFi connection ask for a WPA2 password and I don’t know where to find this. Is there a way to connect Roku 2XD to home wireless network.

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Process of Connecting Roku to WiFi with Username and Password:

Check Your Connectivity -

  • Navigate to Settings> Network> Check Connection. Check your home connection and make sure the wireless signal strength is good. Confirm that you are connected to internet and internet speed is fair.
  • If due to any reason wireless signal strength is poor then you have to follow on-screen instructions to diagnose the issue.

Connect Roku to WiFi -

When you first power on Roku device, the Guided setup will begin automatically. This procedure will help you to setup connection between home network and internet. This process will also configure Preferences and settings and also activation Roku. If you are connecting Roku via wireless connection then you should know wireless network name and password.

Connecting to the Home Network and Internet-

During Guided Setup, you will be asked to do the following things -

  • First, choose “Wireless” as you are connecting Roku device to the home network wirelessly.
  • From the list of available network, you have to select your home network. If due to any reason, the home network does not display then click on option “Scan again”.
  • To access your wireless network, you have to enter the appropriate password in the required field. After entering the password, choose Connect. Now your Roku streaming stick will connect to your home network and internet.
  • Once Roku device makes a successful connection, the latest available software will download and installed and one more thing will happen i.e., your Roku device will restart.

Updating Network Settings-

If due to any reason, you need to modify the connection then first access the Settings menu using these steps -

Step 1 - On your Roku remote, press Home button.

Step 2 - Scroll up and down using arrow keys and then choose Settings.

Step 3 - Now choose Network> Setup Connection > Wireless.

Step 4 - Then choose your home network from the list of displaying results and enter the password for connecting to it.

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To Start the Roku Services, Firstly We Need a Wi-Fi Connection Because Roku Needs Internet.

For Connecting Roku 2XD to Wi-Fi, Follow These Steps:-

Step 1 : First of all, turn on TV and tune to correct HDMI input. But be careful about HDMI input cable because this is the main connection that is used to connect Roku 2XD with TV.

Step 2 : In the next step, press Power On button of TV.  Now we can start the process of Wi-Fi setup.

Step 3 : Go to Roku screen and choose Settings. Next, navigate to Network and click on Wireless> Set new Wi-Fi connection. Now go to settings of that device and choose the network in which network we want to connect the device.

Step 4 : Next, choose wireless option to do the setup of Wi-Fi on the device. After choosing the Wireless option, you will see a window that displays the list of all available wireless networks.

Now choose your network and enter the password. When Roku 2XD is connected to Wi-Fi, you will see 3 green checkmarks that indicate that your setup has installed successfully. If you have any query regarding Roku then connect with Roku Helpline and ask for instant support.

Now Perform These Steps:

Step 1 : Go to left side of the screen and choose Settings option. After this, press OK button on the remote control.

Step 2 : Now scroll down and choose Network option. Then press a click on OK button.

Step 3 : Press the right arrow and scroll down to choose Set up new Wi-Fi connection option. Again, press OK button.

Step 4 : Next, choose network which you want to connect and press OK. Enter the required credentials i.e., username and password and press OK button. In last, choose the Connect option that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Now enjoy Roku services. If you face any Roku wifi username and password problem then communicate with experts at Roku.

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To Connect Roku with Wireless Router Using Username and Password, You can Do the Following Easy Steps:

Connect the HDMI Port on the TV and turn on both, television and Roku at the same. You need to connect Roku to wifi with username and password which you use for other devices likes phone, computer etc.

A Roku screen will be displayed on the TV. Now, go the settings of the same then select Network option > WI-FI option and then choose the required Wi-Fi network connection.

In case you are not able to remember the name of your wifi network and password, then again open the network screen on Roku.

After that, you need to try all the possible wifi Networks on Roku.

Now, click 'Connect' on the Roku screen. In case the Roku password is not working then you can find the default wifi name and password at the bottom of the router.

If the default Router wifi password is not working. and you can't recall your Password, then you can get the assistance of router manufacturers Company or internet services, provider.

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