My NETGEAR Wireless Router Stopped Working

I have a Netgear R6220 at home and the internet is shared by 4 devices. I have been using this router for 4 months and suddenly last night it stopped working. I have reset it a couple of times but nothing happened? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Fix Netgear Router Stopped Working:

Routers are a complicated machine and may malfunction without a prior notice. Going by your query the Netgear router might have some internal snag or software malfunction. I will discuss a set of Netgear router troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. Follow the given instructions carefully:

1. Power Cycle Your Netgear Router Setup: Power cycling means simply turning off the device for few minutes and then turning it on back to check if starts working. So switch off your Netgear router and modem.

Plug it off from its power source and wait for few minutes before turning it on. It might seem basic but most of the time if the issue is not critical it will be resolved.

2. Check for Faulty or Broken Cables: Make sure all the cables including ethernet to connect to your modem is working fine, if you feel any wire is broken or damaged, change it.

3. Update Firmware for Netgear Router: Firmware is software code with encoded messages for the proper functioning of your router. This firmware expires or gets corrupted from time-to-time and the company releases a new one to fix certain issues the user might be facing with a previous version.

So go to your vendor's website and under the Downloads & Updates section look for any new firmware update, download it if available and install it on your router.

4. Update Drivers: Drivers play a vital role in making your router work properly day in and day out. At times these drives get corrupted since thee are software programs. So make sure to check if these drivers are working properly.

Go to "Device Manager" and under that tab click on Network adapters. Under the network adapters, you will notice 2-3 driver names, make sure they are working properly, if not update it with the latest available version from your vendor's website. It is free of cost.

5. Reset Netgear Router to Factory Settings: In case any of the above methods did not resolve your issue, it is best to reset it to the factory settings. For doing that simply press the "Reset" button at the back of your router.

Hold it for 20-30 seconds and then restart it. also, make sure not to overdo it as resetting it for more than 5-7 times can cause permanent damage to your router.

6. Seek Expert Advise: If your router issue still persists than chances are that you might be facing a serious software failure or a hardware failure. In these circumstances, it's best to seek expert guidance from network engineers.

Visit router support TEAM and dial the number mentioned there to get access to some of the finest technical assistance from industry experts in the comfort of your home.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting techniques helped you resolved the issue with ease. In case you have any query regarding the steps mentioned above, kindly revert back to your query and I will be glad to help!.

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