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Why is Netgear Extender Connected But No Internet?

Please let me know that why is Netgear extender connected but no internet. I am facing some issues while using Netger extender. Help me.

Fix Netgear Extender Connected But no Internet:

Netgear is one name that pops up first in the list while searching for wifi routers and extenders. Buying a Netgear Extender is easy and can be done through online shopping but the problem that people often face is setting it up and then connecting it only to find that there is no internet service available.

There could be multiple reasons that the Netgear extender is connected but no Internet service is available. A few of the possible reasons could be;

  • Server downtime
  • Fault in the installation setup
  • Outdated firmware
  • Loose wires

So before we hop on to troubleshoot the problem, try connecting different devices to the Netgear extender. There could be a possibility that your device might have a problem. If the issue still persists and the Netgear extender is connected but no Internet problem isn’t resolved you can try any of the following methods.

1. Router and Modem:

When such issues arise the best way is to check the devices. There is a high chance that either the router or the modem could be at fault. Make sure there aren’t any breakages and both are in working condition. Moreover, when you connect the wires to either the modem or the router make sure the connections are tight. 

2. Replace Netgear Wifi Extender:

The reason behind no internet connection in your Netgear extender could also be due to poor range or connectivity. In such cases, you could try moving the extender nearer to the wifi router. A change in place could help it get into the network’s range and help you get seamless wifi connectivity. 

3. Exit Antivirus setup:

If you have some sort of antivirus installed on your system, it could also be the culprit behind no internet access. The antivirus programs often while scanning hinder your wifi networks and stop your system from accessing it completely. Try disabling or exiting the antivirus program for a while and see if the extender starts working properly. 

4. Update Netgear Extender:

Yes, you read it right. There are updates available for your Netgear extender’s firmware. To find the update you could head to Netgear’s site, enter your login credentials and see if any firmware update is pending or available. 

Any of these methods will serve your purpose to get the network connectivity you are looking for. The Netgear extender is connected but no Internet problem is common and has many solutions available on the internet. But the ones stated above are tried and tested and won’t take long.

You can also reach out to customer care which is working 24x7 if none of the above methods work out for you. In addition to this make sure before trying out something new, you search for it and make sure nothing goes wrong.

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  • Netgear Extender Connected But No Internet

Why is Netgear Extender Connected But No Internet

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