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Wireless printing via zyxel router not working?

Hello I have a Zyxel NBG-418N V2 N300 Wireless Home Router setup and everything was working fine but recently I have bought an HP wireless printer, it connected to my Zyxel router setup just fine but it won't take any print commands wirelessly. If I print a paper directly through the printer it is working OK but not when I want to print something wirelessly from my computer. What is the issue? I do not what to do?



Hello Ricky, I understand your problem. Let's see how to troubleshoot Zyxel router when it does not print wirelessly.
To connect your HP printer to your Zyxel router wirelessly, firstly you should follow that instruction that is provided by the manufacturer.

To check your Zyxel router settings, just follow these steps -

  • Open the web browser on your PC that is connected to your Zyxel router.

  • Navigate to “” and hit Enter.

  • Enter login credentials i.e., username as “admin” and password as “password”. Click Login.

  • Now basic home page will display on the screen. Just have a look at Zyxel’s network name, security type, and password and note down on a p[iece of paper.

Check these troubleshooting points if your Zyxel router is not connecting to HP Printer -

  • First of all restart your system, HP printer and also Zyxel router. You know restarting is very important and easy procedure. By restarting all devices, your problem can be resolved.

  • Next, uninstall HP printer driver and download the latest printer driver from the official website.

  • For connecting your HP printer manually, navigate to Network Settings>Printer Settings. Next, choose WLAN Network and search your network.

  • When you find your network, just choose it and enter your Zyxel router’s password.

  • Next, navigate to Zyxel router setup wizard and log in using default credentials.

  • Also, check your firewall settings. Sometimes firewall settings are responsible for blocking the connection.

  • Well, you can also use WPS if it is available for your Zyxel router and HP Printer.

  • If there exist any guest network and your HP printer is connected to it then your Hp Printer will not take any print commands wirelessly.

  • Also, identify that your Zyxel router supports 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz wireless.If after applying steps your issues are not resolved the reset your Zyxel router.

Reset Zyxel router -
Find the Reset hole, usually, it is found on the backside of the router.

Take a paperclip and insert into Reset hole. Press the Reset button for 10 seconds until SYS light starts blinking. Next, turn the Zyxel router off with its main power switch. After 10 seconds, turn On your Zyxel router and press the Reset button by a paperclip. Keep pressing until you see any light indication. When Power Light starts blinking, remove paperclip and release the Reset button.
Open your internet browser and get into Zyxel router interface and apply new settings.

Now, I hope you can print wirelessly on your computer. If still having any problem, feel free to share with experts by calling on Zyxel Router Technical Support Number.

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