Wireless Printing Via ZYXEL Router not Working

I have Zyxel router model AMG-1302 and HP Printer. My router shows the wireless connection to HP Printer is fine but I can't print wirelessly from iPad. Is there exist any port problem or something else? Help me so that I can print wirelessly!

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Connect HP Printer to Zyxel Router -

You can easily connect HP Printer to Zyxel router, just only you need to follow some additional steps. In all wireless routers, there is an additional port that also acts as a wired switch.

Follow these points to initiate wireless printing with Zyxel router -

  1. Take an ethernet cable and connect its one end into HP Printer and another end to the available port of Zyxel router. You can also connect the HP printer to the network wall jack.
  2. Next, turn on HP printer by pressing the power button. Wait for a couple of minutes until Zyxel router connects with HP printer.
  3. Once physical setup gets complete, open control panel of HP printer to print a configuration page. On this page, you will get the networking information, such as IP address of HP printer. Although you can also use the control panel to assign the IP address to your HP printer. IP address can vary according to printer model and manufacturer. For HP printer’s specific information, refer owner’s manual.
  4. Now, you have to install print software on the network computer. Insert the installation CD that came along with HP printer and follows on-screen prompts to install HP Printer on your system. On the configuration page, you have to enter IP address. Once the installation gets complete, reboot your computer.
  5. After connecting HP printer to Zyxel router, go to Start and then tap on Devices & Printers. After this, click on Add a printer > Add a network printer.
  6. In next step, choose your HP printer model from the list and hit Next key.
  7. Allow your operating system to install updates, if available.

Now just enjoy wireless printing with Zyxel router!

If you face any problem while connecting to Zyxel router to HP printer then please revert back, I will feel glad to help you.

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