Why I Can't Log Into Tenda Web Based Setup Page?

Hey, I have two Tenda router hooked up together. The first is connected to the modem on the lower flat and the second is connected to the first via LAN cable. The second unplugged was able to be set up and everything worked perfectly until I connected it to the first. I changed the IP of the second but I am unable to access Tenda setup page. To enter the web page, what should I do? Please provide me instructions.

Can't Access Tenda Router -

First of all, remove cookies on the web browser.

  • Open the web browser
  • Tools button
  • Internet Options. Select the open Delete browsing history on exit and then click on Delete. Check all the objects in the above image given
  • Click Delete.

Now it opens a progress bar and you have to click on Delete Browsing History. Click OK button and then close this dialog box. Also, check the LED status and hardware connections on the Tenda device. Make sure that your PC has acquired a proper IP address.

Rearrange default Tenda device to factory settings. I hope this will help you in access Tenda router settings.

Why I Can't Log Into Tenda Web Based Setup Page

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