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My tenda wireless router problem!?

I have installed Tenda router today but it is not connecting to the internet properly. Sometimes it disconnects after 10-20 minutes and sometimes it does not even show "connected". I have also reset my router to default setting but it proves useless in mine case. Does anyone have ideas how to fix Tenda router issue? Thanks!!



According to your query, it seems as you don’t have setup your Tenda router properly. To fix this issue, I suggest you uninstall Tenda router completely from your system. After this, just follow these basic procedures to setup Tenda router properly-

1.Firstly use a better quality of ethernet cable for connecting Tenda router to the modem. Now insert one end of that cable into modem port and another end into Tenda router’s WAN port.

2.Take another ethernet cable for connecting the computer to Tenda router (Yellow LAN port).

3.Now you have to check SYS light, WLAN light, LAN ports are blinking or not. If anyone of them is not blinking then check your physical connection.

4.Next, open Internet Explorer, type “” in the address field and hit Enter button. Now you will see a login wizard where you have to enter login credentials.

Username - admin

Password – admin

After entering these values hit Login. Now you are redirected to Tenda router’s Homepage.

5. On the Tenda router setup wizard, first, choose your internet type and hit Next. If you don’t know which Internet type is better for you then contact your ISP.

6. Net, go to left pane and tap on System Status. If your connection status is “disconnected” then check physical connection of router and modem.

7. On the other hand, if your connection status is “connecting” then check this -

Refresh your webpage and then check your connection status. Make sure your WAN IP should not “”.

If still, you are not online then see this -

Go to left pane and tap into Advanced settings. Next, select Mac Address Clone and then tap on Clone Mac Address. After this hit Apply. Now your Tenda router will reboot.

After rebooting, again check your connection status and WAN IP.

8. If the issue still persists, then tap on WLAN settings> Basic Settings and change the SSID of Tenda router. On the page, you will see Channel option, just set its value to 6. Next, tap on Apply.

9. Now you have set a wireless password. For this, go to WLAN settings> Security Settings. After this set the security model s “WPA2 Personal’ and WPA algorithms as “AES’. In the Passphrase, type a unique password that consists of numbers, symbols, and alphabets. In last, click Apply button.

Now find your network and connect your PC to it. Only you have to enter a password for connecting to Tenda router, so just enter it and enjoy!

If you have any doubt or question regarding this procedure then please call at Tenda Router Technical Support Number.


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