My Tenda Wireless Router Not Working

My Tenda wireless router problem: I have a Tenda router at home and it was working fine for almost a year, but recently I have started getting dropped connections and restricted internet connection for the most part. Someone told me I need to upgrade the driver and Firmware. Please help if anyone knows how to do that?

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Fix Tenda WiFi Not Working -

Router Drivers are software program written over the hardware to maintain the proper functioning of the routers. These routers are vulnerable to getting corrupted and malfunction over a period of time and in certain cases expires.

In order to maintain the functionality of your Tenda router, you need to update it to the latest available version from your vendor's official website. I will discuss in detail how to fix Tenda router not working issue.

Follow the steps mentioned below carefully:

Step 1. Click the Start button, and search "Device Manager" on your computer and open the tab.

Step 2. In your device manager, you will see all the devices of your computer listed there along with your router. Click on your Tenda router icon, under the router a list of 2-3 drivers will be displayed, the drivers which have expired or got corrupted will have a small yellow triangle notifying you of an update. Now delete or uninstall each of these expired or corrupted drivers from your computer.

Step 3. Now open your web browser and type in your vendor's official website name, Tenda in this case and hit enter to go the website.

Step 4. Once on the website, search your device via "Search by model number" option, this will streamline your search and help you save time.

Step 5. Once you have found your device, click on "Downloads & Update" section, there you will find all the necessary driver updates for your Tenda router. Download each of them on to your computer and close the window.

Step 6. Now install each driver one by one on your computer, your computer may restart a number of times but that is common and is required to make necessary changes.

Step 7. You can also use a third-party application or software to keep a tab on necessary updates, this will ensure that you do not have to take the pain as mentioned above and simply you can download and install all necessary updates in one go.

Step 8. Similarly for firmware, go to the download and update section, if your device's firmware has been updated you will be notified and find it easily in the mentioned section. firmware like drivers is software programs that have encoded messages to run the router properly. New Firmware update also ensures that certain issues you might be facing with a previous version will be resolved.

Now you have successfully resolved your Tenda router wifi not working problem. Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue with ease. In case you have any difficulty in understanding these steps or if the problem still persists. Kindly revert back to your query and I will be glad to respond and help.

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