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Why My Tenda Wireless AP/Router is Not Set up as a Range Extender?

Hello everyone! I want to set up Tenda Wireless Ap/router as a range extend the range so that I can have high-speed internet in every corner of my house. Can anybody describe the method to setup Tenda router as a range extender?

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Setup Tenda router as a range extender -

Step 1 - Log into your Tenda router by entering “” in the address bar and then hit Enter key.

Step 2 - After logging into Tenda router wizard, tap on Advanced Settings that is located in the upper right corner. By doing this, you are redirected to a new webpage.

Step 3 - On the next screen, tap on Wireless Settings > Wireless Security.

Step 4 - Here locate the SSID, security key and channel as you have to change their values. After changing the values of these fields, click on Save button to save the entire changes

Step 5 - In the next step, tap on Advanced Settings> LAN Settings. Also, you have to change your Tenda router’s IP address to something different so that routers do not conflict. As for your information, you only have to change IP address’s last set of digits. Just keep the values between 1 to 100. For instance,

Step 6 - Next, navigate to System Tools and then press a click on the option “Reboot the router”.

Step 7 - Wait for a few moments while your Tenda router reboots. Rebooting is very necessary because all changes will become effective only after when a router finish rebooting.

Step 8 - Now, go back to your Tenda router’s settings and then navigate to DHCP server. Also, remove the checkmark that is next to “DHCP Server Enable”. Then press OK.

Step 9 - Next, tap on Wireless Settings and press a click on the radio button that is next to “Network Bridge”.

Step 10 - After this, click on “Open Scan”. Please note one thing at this moment i.e., it will take 30-40 seconds to populate. Choose your main router by choosing the radio button that is next to it. Lastly, it will ask you if you want to connect to this AP. Then press OK.

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