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Why DLink Router does Not have Internet Access when I Connect Laptop to Hub?

Recently bought an ethernet hub TP-LINK TL-SF1005D and I'm trying to have my PC wired to one port and then have my router (Dlink RTN56U) in another so I can have a device wired but still have a wireless network for phones, tablets etc. Initially, I had the router connected to the hub and it was working fine but my wired laptop couldn't get a connection (invalid IP address or something). Now I have my wired laptop working but the router can be connected to but has no internet access. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to this sort of thing if anyone could give me some help. Thanks!

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Routers are the device that creates network connection among several computers within a specifying area. It is used to share data and information through the internet. D-link routers are leading in the market. The devices are reputed for their rapid speed in generating internet connection. D-link Router Help resolves the issues when Laptop is not connecting to the hub and it is not creating a connection to the internet. It is very compatible to have D-link Wireless Router. It becomes hectic after having wired connection. Here is the solution for fixing the router that is not accessing the internet after connecting the laptop to a hub.

  • First of all switch off the modem. In case of not finding a switch, disable the power supply. Join the adapter to the router’s back panel.
  • After plugging the adapter in AC outlet, there will appear a blinking light. Make a connection with the ethernet cable and restore the power.
  • Another side of the cable should be inserted in the port of WAN which is on the back of the router.
  • To configure the wi-fi system, make a connection to the LAN port of the laptop. After this process shut down the PC.
  • Turn on the laptop which is now connected to the router and wait until the window completes loading setup.
  • Open the browser and then type in the address field and then press Enter. This is the default IP Address of D-link routers.

  • There will be the default username and passwords which you can use it to setup the connection between hub and laptop.
    Follow the instructions as given on the screen and then the Laptop is not connecting to a hub, the issue is solved.
    For further queries contact to D-link Router Help.
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