How to Setup My Router on Iinet

I have recently bought a D-Link DIR-816 router for my home needs. Currently, my service provider is iiNET. I have got a modem from them which was in perfect condition last I checked. The problem here is, I do not know how to set up and configure my router as last time the iiNet guys did it for me. So can anyone here tell me how to configure my router on iiNet in simple steps?

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iiNet Router Login -

Hello, setting up your D-Link router is a fairly easy task and you can do it on your own by following the below steps. So make sure you have an Ethernet cable at hand before beginning.

Step 1: Connect your Dlink router to your computer using an Ethernet cable, one end of the cable goes into the LAN port of your router while the other end goes into the ethernet port of the computer. The ADSL cable from the modem goes into WAN port of your router. Make sure your router is connected to a power source.

Step 2: Open your web browser and type in or your own IP address and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the login portal of your router. Here, enter "admin" in the username field and leave the password field blank and hit Enter. Now you will be redirected to the main settings page.

Step 3: On the main settings page of your router, click on "Router Setup wizard" on the left-hand side and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup. In case you cannot find any such link then go to your WAN settings and check the box for DHCP. This will ensure that your router receives an automatic IP address from your ISP. Now below that, you will see connection type choose PPPoE. Save the settings.

Step 4: Now go to Security settings, here, first change the encryption type to WPA2 as it is considered to be the safest. Just below the encryption type, you will notice a box for "Pass-key", this is your wifi password. change it with a strong password which you can remember. Save the settings and you have successfully setup your router.

Step 5: Restart your router to let it manage the changes made to it.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in setting up your router device. in case you have any doubts regarding the steps, feel free to respond back and I will be glad to help.

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