How to Connect iPhone to D-Link Wireless Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect iPhone to D-Link wireless router. I am trying to connect my iPhone to router but not connecting. Help me.

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Nowadays, the iPhone faces many problems while connecting to the WiFi network, and even if it gets connected, it gets disconnected most of the time.

This is because your wireless security type is TKIP/AES, which creates problems for Apple products when connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

To resolve this problem, make sure your wireless security type is set to WPA2 personal using AES security and then try to connect to the iPhone.

If the problem is not resolved, follow the five-step roadmap to connect the iPhone to the D-Link Wireless Router.

How Wi-Fi Networks Work and How it Applies to You?

Two items are concerned with your iPhone connects to Wi-Fi: iPhones and wireless router. Your transmit your signal, name of your wireless network to see. When you connect to Wi-Fi, a link is developed between your wireless router and your iPhone.

Whenever, wifi connect my iPhone to my D-Link router and other devices, your wireless router allocates every one individually. And the entire internet has its own unique address. Your computer has an address too, find out.

How Do I Reset D-Link Wireless Router to Factory Defaults?

There is a thousand various wireless routers available there. So, here I will tell you how to reset D-Link router in the simplest way.

Resetting your wireless router, in its factory default setting reset the address book and it is the most simplest and effective way to fix the problem. It will take a couple of minutes to connect a wireless router, but resolution of problem wireless connectivity issues can take hours.

Most routers have a small reset button in a hole on the back or button of the router. With the help of this method I reset D-Link router and in case you don’t know how to set your wireless router cut, be sure the instructions are convenient to use. Find here the best way to search for them.

  1. Check your wireless router’s model number and note it down. It’s generally on the bottom or side of your wireless router.
  2. Take a tour on manufacturer’s support website and find your model number. You see the setup instructions or upload able user guide on the manufacturer’s support website.

Once you set up your wireless router, then you do keep your wireless network and password like before. And try to reconnect the network with your iPhone. If it connects, then you have to determine the problem was in your wireless router.

A Common Reason Behind Your iPhone Won’t Connect to D-Link WiFi Router-

It is a very common reason in this, but you still have the problem then see at your wireless security settings. And be sure your wireless security type is set to WPA2 personal using AES encryption, not TKIP or TKIP/AES. Because not really but Apple products faced difficulties with TKIP security.

For this you have to look for wireless security settings in wireless routers manually how to change this setting. After that you get the solution and also know how to connect iPhone to DLink router.

Fix Connect iphone to Dlink Router Problem Find Below the Steps:

Step 1 : Open and select the setting icon on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPod.

Step 2 : Now, select the Wi-Fi from the setting.

Step 3 : If you found your Wi-Fi is currently off then turned it now.

Step 4 : Once you turn your wifi enabled then you found the list of available networks. Secure the network will have a padlock to the right of the name when “open” network will not. Click on network to join.

Step 5 : If you select the network that needs a password, you will be asked to enter it. Enter the password and click to join. When it is done then it shows you the wifi network name in blue with a check mark beside it.

Wrapping it Up-

By the end, I hope you are able to fix connect iphone to d link router. Let us know the experience of solving the issue which is to connect iPhone to D-Link wireless router. So, the other people will also take the help from this.

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