How Do I Reset My D-Link Router di-514 on a Computer

p I am struggling with trying to reset my D-Link DI-514 router. I held down the reset button on the back for more than 30 seconds when it was on and when it was off. So I am wondering if I can reset it restore to factory settings on my PC. I recently got a new Router and i wanted to use this one in another room so i can have more wired ports. p
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Reset Dlink Router:

Hello Emma, I am describing you an easy way to reset D-Link DI-514 router on the computer. You can reset your Dlink router from two ways i.e., using Dlink Web Interface and through Reset button.

See How to Reset D-Link DI-514 Router Using Dlink Web Interface -

Step 1 : First of all access Dlink web interface by entering “” in the address bar. If you Dlink router web page does not display on the screen then someone has configured your router and also changed its IP address.

Step 2 : If Dlink router web page displays on the screen, then enter username and password at the required places. Next, press a click on Login and enter into Dlink router setup wizard.

Step 3 : Now, navigate to Tools tab and then select System option from the left pane.

Step 4 : After this, you need to click on “Restore all settings to factory defaults” that is displaying on the bottom.

Now, your Dlink router will reset to factory settings. If any trouble arises during resetting process then contact Dlink Router Technical Support Number.

See How to Reset D-Link DI-514 Router Using Reset Button -

Step 1 : Power on D-Link DI-514 router. Take a paperclip and insert into Reset hole. You need to hold the reset button in this position for 10-12 seconds.

Step 2 : After 12 seconds, just release the Reset button. Now your Dlink router will automatically reboot.

Step 3 : Wait for 2 minutes so that setup can resume.

Step 4 : Now your D-Link DI-514 router will use default settings for network configuration. In fact, SSID and WEP encryption key will set to default values after resetting Dlink router. If you want to change them, then you have to configure your Dlink router.

Hopefully, you will understand how to reset Dlink guidance. If you need further assistance then contact Dlink Router services. Here troubleshooters are available for round the clock to serve instant answers to every customer so that they can enjoy hassle-free web browsing with Dlink router.

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Reset D-Link di-514 Router:

The router's admin page is or and the default password should be either "admin" or "password" without quotes. There should be a choice under "Setup" called "Factory Reset". That will erase the settings and reset it like new.


1. Hold the reset button for 30 seconds (don't release)

2. Unplug the power (still holding reset) for 10 seconds

3. Plug power back in (still holding reset)

4. Hold reset for another 30 seconds - the lights will usually begin flashing in some odd pattern

5. Release the reset button

6. Wait 1 full minute or until the lights stop Flashing

7. Unplug the power for 10 seconds, just to do a reboot

8. Verify the settings (e.g. SSID) are back to the defaults

If you just want to use it for wired ports, all you really need to do is disable wireless broadcasting and then turn off the DHCP server. Then, connect from a LAN port (not WAN) on your old router to your new router's LAN port.

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