How to Secure Your Wireless Router?

Wireless Network Router Security:

Wireless routers have become a common commodity in many houses these days. People use the wireless network to share their internet connection with multiple devices through a router. These routers come in many variants and configurations depending upon user's requirements. People use wired and wireless routers depending upon their internet connectivity.

This is where router security comes into place. It is very important to keep our wireless network safe and secure to avoid any kind of misuse or hacking of your network. In this article, we will discuss different techniques to secure your wireless network.

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How to Secure your Wireless Router-Vital Tips from Router Technical Support

There are certain features on the router which help in securing and making your wireless router more secure and safe. Follow the given instructions and technique to make your router secure.

  1. Disable Remote Access

    Your wireless router has a remote access setup which allows the user to access the router from anywhere in the world. Disable this feature from your router’s web-page to avoid any security breach.
  2. Update Firmware

    Firmware contain encoded messages for your router to function properly and it also provides fixes for software glitches and malware thus reinforcing the security. So make sure to update your router’s firmware to the latest available version.
  3. Use WPA2 Encryption for Your Router

    WPA2 is considered to be the government level encryption thus making it very secure for your router to be cracked. Enable the WPA2 security setting in Wireless Security settings on your router’s web page.
  4. Disable UPnP(Universal Plug & Play)

    Over the years it has been noted that UPnP settings have caused millions of flaws in routers across the globe. Hackers use it to tamper your router configuration and Router Port Configuration without your knowledge. So disable this feature from your web interface setup. If you need Router Port Configuration in future you can do it directly.
  5. Limit Access to Your Network/ MAC Address Filtering

    One way to avoid your wireless router to be misused is to limit the number of devices which can access your wireless network. A feature on router allows you to give access to particular devices with their MAC addresses already given in your wireless router. Go to your router’s web interface and under mac address filter add the MAC addresses of your devices to whom you want to grant access.
  6. Make Your WiFi Security Strong

    As we talked about WPA2 encryption above, it is necessary to make your wireless password equally strong yet easy to remember for you. Create a password with at least 12-20 words with a mix of numerals, uppercase & lowercase letters and special characters to make it very hard to guess. You can change these setting under Wireless Security on your wireless router’s web interface.

These are some the security tips and troubleshooting techniques to avoid your wireless network and your wireless router from any kind of misuse or tamper. In case you do not understand or feel the need of technical assistance contact online router support.