Why My DLink Always Disconnecting as Frequently Need Help

Hello everyone! I have some connection issues with my D-Link Wireless N 150 router. When I connect my smartphone to Dlink router, I constantly get "Excellent" signal. But when I connect my HP Mini Netbook, my router keeps disconnecting frequently. Can anyone help me to troubleshoot Dlink router issue?

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Hello, as per your question the router works fine when connected to the phone but frequently drops connection while connected to the notebook. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques that will hopefully resolve the issue. Follow the instructions mentioned carefully:

1. Reboot your network: One of the most basic steps, if the issue of connectivity is regarding a particular device then chances are something could be off with the notebook itself. SO restart your router and Hp notebook and see if that makes any difference.

2. Update your router drivers: Drivers are a software program which controls the hardware and other functionalities of your router device. These drivers get outdated or corrupted over the course of use. So make sure to update your router driver from time-to-time. You can also use a third party driver updater, which will notify you whenever any updates are available.

3. Update wireless drivers on Hp notebook: If the connection of the phone is perfectly fine then chances are that your Hp notebook is at fault. These laptops also have wireless modems which require driver updates. So make sure to check for any updates available for your Hp notebook as well.

4. Restore Factory settings: If any of the above-mentioned steps did not help you resolve the issue then chances are some internal software snag has occurred. In these scenarios, it is best advised to restore the factory settings for your router. Press the restore button at the back of your router for 20-30 seconds. Also, make sure you do not overdo this step as resetting your router for more than 3-5 times can cause permanent damage.

Hopefully, these steps helped you resolve your router problem. In case you have any further query, feel free to reply to the issue and I will be glad to help you out!

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