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Why Some Websites do Not Load Properly After Connecting to DLink Router?

Hello everyone, I purchased Dlink router from my friend. I have also properly install Dlink router on my Windows 8 operating system. But I am facing a weird issue i.e., I can't access Youtube and shopping websites. I don't understand what my Dlink router is behaving in such way. Can anybody resolve my Dlink router problem? Thanks in Advance!

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Can’t access some websites using Dlink router – Here are the appropriate solutions!

Restart Dlink router – Type “” in the browser’s address bar and access the Dlink router preferences page.

Perform soft reboot on Dlink router and when Dlink router completes booting, just restart your browser. If your problem does not get resolved after restarting the router then you should perform a hard reboot (factory reset). In various case, the problem gets resolved just by a soft reset but don’t hesitate to perform the factory reset if the webpage not loading issue still persists.

Check Windows Hosts file – Open the Windows hosts file by navigating to “C:\Windows\System 32\drivers\etc\folder\”.

After opening the windows hosts file, just check if there exists any blocked list. The format will be like “ www.domain.com domain.com”. If everything is OK or no files are blocked then you need to change the router’s MTU settings.

Adjust router’s MTU settings-

Follow these steps -

1. Open Dlink router interface by typing Dlink router’s IP address( in the address bar.

2. After this enter Dlink router login credentials at the required fields and hit the Login button.

3. Next, tap on Home tab and then on WAN tab.

4. Although the default MTU size is 1500. Move to MTU field and enter a new value in it.

5. Click on Apply button and save the settings.

6. If after changing MTU size, your problem does not get resolved then you have to decrease MTU value in increments of 10.

If MTU option is unavailable on your router then you should update your router’s firmware. I hope now you can't access some websites problem will get fixed.

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