How to Setup DLink Router Dir 605L

I am unable to setup DLink router dir 605L please help. Thanks in advance.

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D'Link Dir 605l Setup -

To setup Dlink DIR 605I, you have to connect the router to DSL modem.

1. First of all, disconnect your DSL modem from the power supply.

2. Now, take an ethernet cable and connect your computer to D'Link dir 605l router’s LAN port.

3. In the next step, connect the DSL modem to the internet port of D'Link dir 605l router by using another ethernet cable.

4. Now, its time to connect the modem to the power supply and wait for a few moments.

5. After powering on both devices i.e., Dlink router and DSL modem, open your web browser.

6.In the web browser’s address bar, type “” and hit the Enter key.

7. If you are logging first time into D'Link dir 605l router setup wizard then Dlink Setup Wizard will start automatically.

8. Hit Next and wait for a few moments so that your DLink dir 605l router can detect your Internet connection type.

After detecting the internet connection, enter username and password. To obtain these values, just contact your ISP.

9.If your Dlink router is unable to detect the type of internet connection then tap on the link “Guide me through the internet connection settings”.

10. Now choose your Internet connection type i.e., PPPoE or Dynamic.

PPPoE- Select this, if you are using DSL internet service. Username and password are provided by ISP.

DHCP- Select this, if you are using cable internet service. Here, you are not required to enter login credentials.

11. For 2.4 Ghz/5 GHz wireless frequency, you have to create a unique SSID for your WiFi network.

12. For security purpose, enter a password which no one can’t even guess.

Now, D'Link dir 605l setup process is complete. You can also bookmark your router management page.

If you need further assistance then ask for support by calling on DLink dir 605l Router. Here professionals are available for 24*7 hrs to deliver first-hand assistance to every customer.

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Setup D'Link Dir-605l as Wireless Access Point -

If you are connecting the D-Link router to another router to use as a wireless access point and/or switch you will have to do the following before connecting the router to your network:

--> Disable UPnP

--> Disable DHCP

--> Change the LAN IP address to an available address on your network.

The LAN ports on the router cannot accept a DHCP address from your other router.

To connect to another router please follow the steps below:

  1. Plug the power into the router. Connect one of your computers to the router (LAN port) using an Ethernet cable. Make sure your IP address on the computer is (where xxx is between 2 and 254).
  2. Please see the Networking Basics section for more information. If you need to change the settings write down your existing settings before making any changes.
  3. In most cases, your computer should be set to receive an IP address automatically in which case you will not have to do anything to your computer.
  4. Open a web browser and enter and press Enter. When the login window appears set the user name to Admin and leave the password XXXXX empty. Click Log In to continue.
  5. Click on Advanced and then click Advanced Network. Uncheck the Enable UPnP checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.
  6. Click Setup and then click Network Settings. Uncheck the Enable DHCP Server server checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.
  7. Under Router Settings enter an available IP address and the subnet mask of your network. Click Save Settings to save your settings.
  8. Use this new IP address to access the configuration utility of the router in the future. Close the browser and change your computer's IP settings back to the original values as in Step 1
  9. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and reconnect your computer to your network.
  10. Connect an Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports of the router and connect it to your other router. Do not plug anything into the Internet port of the D'link dir 605l router.
  11. You may now use the other 3 LAN ports to connect other Ethernet devices and computers.
  12. To configure your wireless network open a web browser and enter the IP address you assigned to the D'link dir 605l router. Refer to the Configuration and Wireless Security sections for more information on setting up your wireless network.
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